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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random Movie News--Pimp Chronicles Edition

As I've stated before, I love movies about pimps. Yes, I may have a problem. There has been some random pimp related movie news that I've been meaning to post, but have been slacking. You may have read this stuff on other blogs, but that's what I get for procrastinating.

First up--Rihanna pimpin' or getting pimped? Sergio sent this over:

ICEBERG SLIM'S 'BLACK WIDOW' HEADED TO BIG SCREEN: Rihanna to make film debut opposite Mos Def, Macy Gray and Anthony Anderson.

"Mama Black Widow," the 1969 novel from "Iceberg Slim" writer Robert Beck, is being adapted into a movie with rapper Mos Def in the starring role and pop star Rihanna in her feature film debut.

With the backdrop of a black family's migration from Southern Mississippi to Chicago in the 1930s, the story follows Otis Tilson's struggle to keep his family together as they navigate through a world of alcoholism, pimping, homosexuality and racial degradation.

Other members of the cast include Brian J. White and Kerry Washington.

The movie is currently in pre-production under director Darren Grant for a 2009 release.

From IW: Mos Def can sometimes be very interesting as an actor. At the very least, he's watchable. I've enjoyed every Macy Gray in everything I've seen her in. It will be interesting to see Rihanna emote, as she is the only singer I've ever seen that performs with expression in her voice, but absolutely none on her face. Ever.

I just wonder how Kerry Washington fits into all this.

Speaking of Iceberg Slim, Ice-T announced that he is supposed to play the man himself in an upcoming biopic. I have a few problems with this. One, dude at 50 is way too old to be going there. Two, he is way too corny to be going there. And three, tho he has declared himself a pimp loudly to anyone who will listen, have we seen any evidence of said pimping except whatever airhead he is currently in a relationship with (I only know of two, and they were one at a time, including boobage challenged Coco).

Anyway, wasn't Ice Cube supposed to play Iceberg Slim in a film directed by Bill Duke? What happened to that? I guess the same thing that happened with Cube playing Mr. T in the A-Team big screen adaptation...he's going to be played by Tyrese (?!!)

Spotted this on Tambay's blog from the Cracked site; thank goodness this disaster was averted:

If you've seen the original Dolemite, then you know that it's a completely bug-fuck insane mix of classic blaxploitation, bad kung fu, pimping and some kind of bizarre poetry about monkeys, lions and the Titanic.

If you haven't seen the original Dolemite, feel free to go ahead and do that now. We'll wait.

What Went Wrong?
We could go on all day about the immense bitchslap involved in casting particularly-unlikable plank of wood LL Cool J as the Human Fucking Tornado, but that's not the worst that this project had going for it.

No, the worst was that some clever devil at Dimension Films (possibly screenwriter Buddy Johnson of Scary Movie and several episodes of the Wayans Brothers) decided that Dolemite would be a much better character if he wasn't a pimp, and if he was framed for a crime he didn't commit, and if he had three female sidekicks who most definitely were not hookers. Apparently if he really, really sucked.

What Went Right?
Delays. Fallout Entertainment has picked up the rights to Dolemite (though it seems no amount of money would be sufficient to buy them). LL Cool J is no longer attached to the project, and rumors have the infinitely more appropriate Snoop Dogg in the running for the lead.

What You Can Watch Instead:
The Dolemite Explosion.

And finally, for your daily dose of pimp juice, here is a video I found on youtube of a real-life pimp getting pimp-slapped by a civilian...enjoy!


Thembi said...

The label "corntastic" nullifies the need for my comment.

BTW, Im looking for a site redesign - who did your site?

madame z said...

I'm thinking the only thing I look forward to is the "Mama Black Widow". And I agree. It "WILL" be interesting to see Rihanna 'respond' in the role. Mos is always fascinating. I love him. Macy, equally fascinating...sometimes puzzling (remembers that scene from that movie where she was married to this guy who the police were looking for, I think he might've been involved in a murder, but Macy was ghetto/cracked out looking and why can't I remember the title of this film?) LOL. Thanks for the info/updates! :)

clnmike said...

That Black Mama Widow looks like a winner, it's been a while since I read Icberg Slim or Donald Goines work. I'll have to freshen up.

Now those two author's work were made for the big screen.

clnmike said...

Dang I must of messed up my Dolomite post, let me start again.

I love Rudy Ray Moore got all his movies from Petey Wheatstraw to Dolomite.
I am so glad those plans fell through. Dude was obviously trying to make it a family film which it was not. I would of made a trip to hollywood and shot some one if they got it off the ground.

I like Snoop but they can still do better I think maybe Katt Williams?

Eb the Celeb said...

I hope rihanna gets that accent under control before they start filming

Janice said...

While looking at the directors imdb page he has something that looks great for young kids, esp little black girls

aulelia said...

Mos D has a lot of potential. He really does. So I am sure he will bring an assertive performance.

However, Rihanna ? I am sorry but I have had to **** with this product placement nonsense with people like her. I am not trying to slag her off but I don't see her being able to completely 'transform' herself. The bird can barely transform on stage with her weak voice.

It will be like watching tumbleweed roll.

Invisible Woman said...

@thembi: hey thembs--Sev7n from Blogs Gone Wild! Did it--there is a link on my left sidebar...good luck tho, I've been trying to reach him to do another project for me and haven't gotten a response.... (?)

@Madame Z--I think that movie was Training Day, but I'm not sure...

@clnmike: Snoop gets a big "boo" from me too for Dolemite; he is all types of wrong for that role..
I have a feeling we'll be seeing a Donald Goins film soon.

@eb the celeb: thanks for dropping in on your vacation :-) Ya know, I've never, ever heard her talk...

@janice: thanks! I love your links...

@aulelia: you are funny! But I can't say I have any more hope than you do about her venture.

Kem Moseley said...

First let me admit something. I know that pimp had it coming to him, but WTF. He took one hit, and from that angle looked like his Karma caught up with him. That hit looked much like a back hand slap.

Oh well, he must have seen all of LL's Movies, except for slow burn, I like that one. You guys have to see it before you count him out. I think, once he gets over being pretty, he will start to show his acting abilities.

I love it.

Bygbaby said...

From that image of Rhianna, looks like she is getting pimped. And does she look light or is just me???

Cube being Mr T sounds wack. I think Tyrese would be good but he does not seem big enough.

Pimps up Hoes Down!


Ehav Ever said...

Based on that video, I think the better title is Pimps Knocked Down, Martial Artists Stays Up, Prostitutes and Cab Drivers Helps Out.

Kem Moseley said...

No comment. LOL EHAV EVER!

Invisible Woman said...

@kem: I laughed my ass off when I saw that clip...I haven't seen Slow Burn, but it would have to be impressive as hayell for me to formulate another opinion about LL (who, by the way, was never pretty to me)

@bygbaby: I think they just need to scrap that whole A-Team project period. Pimps up, hoes down! lol

@Ehav-omg-you are too crazy! LMBAO!

Kem Moseley said...

All I have to say is that you should take the time out to rent it. The entire movie is impressive on the straight to video level. Although I think it will play great in a smaller movie house. It is one for the movie enthusiast.

Knowing you, there may be a different opinion once you see it and that is why I want you to see it.

However I hope I am wrong about you. Having you watch this is just to see if your opinion sways his way.

I do think he is getting far better at acting than the type of skill he has displayed past.I think you can give him at least that. Right?

Even if you can not. The entire film should be seen by someone such as yourself. If my gut serves me correct, you will not be disappointed.