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Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend B.O.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE (thanks Sergio!)
May 16–18, 2008 Studio Estimates

1) The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian BV $56,573,000

2) Iron Man Par. $31,200,000 Total: $222,485,000

3) What Happens in Vegas Fox $13,850,000 Total: $40,308,000

4) Speed Racer WB $7,645,000 Total: $24,367,000

5) Baby Mama Uni. $4,593,000 Total: $47,256,000

6) Made of Honor Sony $4,500,000 Total: $33,701,000

7) Forgetting Sarah Marshall Uni. $2,538,000 $55,065,000

8) Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay NL $1,800,000 Total: $33,901,000

9) The Forbidden Kingdom LGF $1,000,000 Total: $50,295,000

10) The Visitor Over. $687,000 Total: $3,403,000

11) Nim's Island Fox $580,000 Total: $45,248,000

12) Then She Found Me Think $528,000 Total: $1,578,000

IW: Sheesh. It is really a sad state of affairs when a hardcore movie lover like myself doesn't even pay attention to what came out this week...but I guess barely anything came out anyway.

"Ironman" is doing crazy business, so I guess I'll check it out this week. But seriously, does anyone really want to see "Made Of Honor"? I mean seriously. What the eff is "The Visitor"? "Speed Racer" is not looking good on it's returns; Sergio sent me an email saying that uber-producer Joel Silver might even lose his 20 year production deal over it. I saw a segment on "Then She Found Me" and it looked like a complete downer. Even more of a downer was Helen Hunt, who was never the attractive to me from the get, looks like 5 miles of bad road, as the saying goes. Bette Midler has completely handed herself over to the altar of the LA Plastic Surgery Gods.

Anyhoo, I went on one of my MMM's this weekend (mini movie marathons), but since only one would be considered Black Cinema (and unfortunately, it was the worst one) I won't go into detail. Let me just say "The Queen", "The Parralax View" with Warren Beatty (I adore 70's thrillers, and Warren was looking quite wonderful), and "3:10 To Yuma" (which I rewatched) are all very, very, worthy of first in line in your Netflix que. "Idlewild" (which I didn't pay close attention to the first time), not so much (sorry Andre 3000).


Danielle said...

I saw Idlewild. Visually stunning, great music and that's all I'll say about that. :Wink:

madame z said...

I agree, danielle, Idlewild "looked" good, but that's about it. :( Unfortunately.

Also, to Invisible Woman, in reference to the box office post. Ummm, nothing on that list excites me EXCEPT Ironman. That movie was so awesome (to use the young folk lingo) that I'd go see it again, because like you, the rest of those flicks don't look interesting at all.

I only quasi-look forward to Indiana Jones because something in that trailer tells me it just might be 'boring' LOL. I lay in quiet wait to see The Dark Knight because Bruce Wayne is my man, has always been my favorite 'superhero'...but Tony Stark just might knock him off that particular pedestal. ;) LOL.

Sergio said...

The Visitor is one of those "small" independent films about a college who gets invoved and finds his life changed when he finds two illegal immigrants in his N.Y. business aparament. But believe me it's really really excellent with and it's got a this beautiful dark skinned African sister, Danai Gurira, in the supporting role of one of the immigrants. It's excatly the kind of well written and acted, heart warming movie with real substance that people keep asking they would make nowadays

MsMarvalus said...

I'll third that Idlewild comment...

I've got 3:10 to Yuma on my Netflix...I did get that from you this time IW, didn't I? tee hee hee...

clnmike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
clnmike said...

Idlewild was a disappointment.
3:10 to Yuma Had a BS ending!
That ruined the whole movie for me.

Oh and as for the Visitor, that was definitely not the type of heartwarming movie I was asking to be made.

It is a twist on an old theme of man finds himself with the help of the natives.

There is a reason why some films are "small".

Invisible Woman said...

@danielle: you'll get no argument from me! :-)

@madame z: the more I hear about Ironman, the more I want to see it...never been big on the Batman movies, tho...

@sergio: thanks for letting me know, tho I think I'll save it for Netflix

@ms m: that would be a definite yes, LOL!

@clnmike: ya know--I think many people think he turned himself into jail, but I think he did it for show for the son...he whistled to his horse, who followed...did that mean he got away? I can also see him killing his own posse a little, but not really.

Rozelle said...

Iron Man is simply great. Yeah, Robert Downey is cool, and everything, but the best part is Samuel L. Jackson. Watch the credits. Say what you will about his choice in roles, he can still make any movie watchable simply by being in it, and with good reason.

Speed Racer was a movie aimed at a specific group, "old school" anime fans, and had little chance of making big money.