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Thursday, July 10, 2008

OK Enough....

OK, I am SICK of not posting, so I'm gonna have a bunch of random posts thru the day today, just to get the information out out there. Thanks so much for your patience and always checking in. You may not get all of my wonderful amazing wit and humor today, but you'll get some Black Cinema news and tidbits.

First up: I talked about this film and this creative sister a while ago....received this in my email from her:

We are please to announce that Best Kept Secret (BKS) has finally made it's way to television. BKS, most recently being named a finalist in the BET J's Best Shorts contest, will air repeatedly on the BET J channel over the next two weeks. The winner of THE BEST SHORTS contest, awarded by a committee of reviewers, receives $20,000.

Best Kept Secret is written, produced by and stars Karimah Westbrook and Erin Norman. The film centers on the impact of infidelity within relationships. The short drama was developed to help expand the reach of prevention efforts and reduce the spread of HIV amongst African American women. The film is directed by Malik Booth.

From IW: Below is the trailer:

Best Kept Secret

1 comment:

madame z said...

Wow thanks for the info. I didn't even know BET held contests like this.