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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sorry Forest....

OK, I know I was a bit rough on the Whitaker the other I'll make up for it with this newsy news from The Obenson Report (which, by the way, is the most amazing blog dealing with Black Cinema out there.....I would say as good as mine, haha :-) ):

Who knew Forest Whitaker was such a busy man? Not me! According to Variety Magazine:

HBO has greenlit the pilot for a program called Fat Sells which is set in the world of the $46 billion herbal weight loss industry. Forest Whitaker will produce AND potentially direct.

The project will center on the head of a weight loss behemoth (and his family) and how his life starts to unravel when the FDA begins investigating the company's claims.

No word on casting yet.

Whitaker will next be seen in the upcoming Hurricane Season, the post-Katrina, Tim Story-directed film, playing a high school basketball coach in Louisiana, "who assembles a team of players who had previously attended five different schools before the disaster, and leads them on the path to the state championships."

He's also developing a Showtime project about the rise of African-American organized crime in the 1970s, AND an FX show about arms dealers.

All sound very interesting to me. His name attached to each project certainly helps. More as each story develops.

Go Forest, go!

From IW: I agree with Obenson, all of it sounds interesting, and different.... about time! Finally, a Negro with an Oscar putting it to good use.

tried to find an unpainful pic--this one is almost ok....


sdg1844 said...

Good for Forrest. He's alright with me and these projects sound interesting.

Nic said...

Go Forest Go!!!

madame z said...

Wow. Interesting indeed. Thanks for this news :)