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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

7 Random Movie Questions.....

1) Finally got on the late train and saw "The Dark Knight". Yes, it was great, but how come amid all this fabulousness I kept focusing on the mynute detail of how very "un-Hollywood" everybody's teeth were? Yes, I have a problem.....

2) I saw a billboard today of some new fall show with cornballio Taye Diggs in it. Who keeps giving this n*gga work?

3) Speaking of mysteriously working n*ggas, after seeing the previews of Vin Diesel in "Babylon AD", is he is picking up the torch from Wesley Snipes for crap-fest-o-rama action movies?

4) Saw "Transformers" on HBO this past weekend, cause I had zero interest in seeing it last year (I vote boo!). Is it me or are the blockbusters this summer so much more amazing this year that any other year in history?

5) Why does anyone (especially Whoopie) deem this necessary?

'Academy Award-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg is set to play the scheming muse Caliope in "Xanadu," the musical spoof of the infamous 1980 roller-disco flop. '

What happened to her bringing "for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf" to Broadway with india.irie? (technically that's two questions)

6) People are furious at "Tropic Thunder" making fun of people with disabilities? Hello? Blackface?*

7) Why am I always disturbed by Raven Symone's wardrobe choices?

*the whole tropic thunder/blackface thing by the way, i really don't care about at all


nikki said...

you know, i totally appreciate raven's full-figured loveliness in the face of hollywood's anorexic images. however, she really needs to make smarter fashion choices. damn, why do folk confuse being proud of the bigness with "let me wear anything i want and screw what folk say"? even skinny women can't wear just any ole thing.

i'm not pressed about the black-face thing. i'm sure there are plenty of folk who are, though.

and i thought i was the only one who thought taye diggs needed to just disappear. really, whose duck is he sicking in order for him to keep remaining employed?!? is it cuz he married the white chick?!? is digging into the pinkness his ticket to the big gigs?

jaceeel said...

1) I WON'T DO ANYHING TO DISRUPT THE DOMINANCE OF STAR WARS. (Yeah I yelled that and I’m "one" of those star wars fans)

2) He should have kept his mouth shut about black women. I'll never see anything he does again. It's not because he's down with swirl. It's like Watergate. The break-in was nothing it was the cover-up afterwards that messed every one up.

3) I'll probably go see the fast and furious part 9000 because I like B trash and the title was cool.

4) Don't get me started on Transformers. I sort of remember watching it as a kid because my brother got up a little earlier than me so he controlled what cartoons we watched for the morning. But that was in no way preparation for the abomination of jazz "the jive talkin' no doubt black robot" and the consistent negative portrayal of black women. Boy I was mad at Bernie until this weekend. I was soo mad silting in the movie theater.

5) I'm the only one who liked Xanadu.

6) Its hard to believe that the sire of the man who made Putney Swope is doing this. I wonder if it is bad as people think. I agree this is the last thing the collective monolithic one headed black community needs to be thinking about.

7) But it's a tutu. Who doesn't love a tutu?

sdg1844 said...

Raven is a cutie, but her wardrobe doesn't work.

You've been spending too much time in La La Land when that's all you can focus on in a good film.

I don't get Taye Diggs @ all.

Don't know what happened to Vin Diesel. He needs to just come on out and Be Black already.

Whoopi? Xanadu? One of the corniest productions ever! Good Lord. Maybe she's trying to make some $$$ to finance "Colored Girls".

I saw "Transformers" when it came out and had fun with it. I was a fan coming up, so it was a geek moment...

RDJ and "Blackface". Ridiculous.

Sergio said...

To answer No. 5, it was announced two weeks ago I think that that new production of For Colored Girls was put on hold because they had trouble raising the money needed to mount a Broadway production and deserately scrambling to find investors. Make of that what you will...

As for Whoopi, I steadfastly believe that the only reason why she constantly gets work is because she ALWAYS looks (and more importantly WILLING to look) like an hot azz mess and therefore not a threat, especially to white women (who love her to death). Let's be honest here, what guy would get a boner looking at her (except for white guys with some "jungle fever" fixation)

madame z said...

Raven, what in the hot hell?

Tropic Thunder, people are really pissed about ... disabilities, but not the blackface thing? Hmmm, err. I'll confess though; I want to see this movie; WILL go see this movie. Call me a glutton for punishment...or maybe I'm just satisfying my curiosity. Hmm.

India Arie, I read elsewhere that the show lacks financial backing hence it's been put on hold. And what's crazy is Whoopi is the producer! LOL

Transformers, entertaining. I was a fan as a kid. :)

Vin Diesel, he fell off, but I'll rent this m.f. anyway because I loves the scifi, apocalyptic kinda stuff. It 'is' a scifi, apocalyptic kinda film, right? LOL

Taye Diggs, ummmm, yeah, whatever. Maybe he'd get less, "WTF are you doing here?" if his tv show from two/three years ago (think it was called Next or Dawn or Daybreak or something) had survived. But the writers fcked that up, giving away the entire damn plot in the first episode. Great premise; poor execution. I and all other viewers quickly lost interest.

The Dark Knight, ahh the teeth comment was so WRONG! But oh, so right! :)

madame z said...

@ jaceel's #1 LOL I hear ya, but it's gonna happen. Now if only TDK could overtake the craptastic, overrated Titanic, all would be well. ;)

madame z said...

@ jaceel's #4, I liked Transformers as previously stated, but I totally agree about Jazz. But wasn't he like that in the series, too? I was pissed at Bumble-Bee when the m.f. was finally able to speak. He was like the lovable dullard puppy ready to do anything for that kid. Bah! Give me StarScream any day! LOL

And Bernie Mac was FUNNY but yes that shit was harsh, calling that old woman out of name like that. It's like you have to take the bitter with the sweet with some (most) films.

madame z said...

@ sergio, my bad didn't see that you'd addressed the India/Colored Girls thing. :)

Ehav Ever said...

I was doing fine until I saw that Raven Symone pic. Yet, I guess when you have the kind of money she has you can do about anything you want.

I am wrong for thinking she is a part of a cup cake or Twinkie campaign? I am also wrong because that outfit makes me think she is in a back alley version of Flashdance. For some reason the song She's A Maniac just popped into my head.

By the way I had a head ache after I saw Transformers. That movie was tough as hell on the eyes with all the transformations. At least its nice to know that Hollywood is sticking true to the black people get killed in Sci-Fi. Not just on earth, but even in the robot world.

Anonymous said...

The thing about Tropic Thunder is no one understands that it is making fun of Hollywood. RDJ plays a WHITE AUSTRALIAN ACTOR who plays a Black guy in a war movie. It basically is making fun of how Hollywood/ Actors take roles from Blacks is order to gain prominence or get an Aademy Award( Angelina Jolie anyone). I don't see how anyone who has seen this movie didn't get that.

As for people with disabilities ( and there are plenty of Black people with disabilities my sister is one)

Same thing Ben Stiller a regular actor who plays a person with mental disabilities in a film to gain prominece ( Forrest Gump). We are supposed to be uncomfortable with these characters. DUH

The film itself isn't that great, but it isn't anything to protest over.

clnmike said...

1) Yeah the hair is what i pick up on Im alwaysd trying to see if its a wig or real.

2)Im not sure how Diggs f-up his own career, I did not think he was that bad of an actor.

3)Vin got to eat lol.

6) I still dont know how I feel about the black face, I dont think it's being done to ridicule black people and beside how many times has Eddie Murphy done white face?

7) Is that a recent pic? I thought she lost weight?

Wonder Man said...

I saw Xanadu in NYC, loved it.

Kelliann said...

Honestly, I'm not really mad at the "Black Face" issue. I agree with clnmike, no ridicule really and besides look at White Girls with the Wayans Bros.

@Sergio - I'm pretty sure Whoopi is playing for the other team (daughter and all). So, I really don't consider her a threat to ANYONE, except maybe lezzies with The Fever. Still love her, though...especially on The View.

@ehav ever - Raven looks a hot as mess!!! No amount of money in the world can account for that train wreck of an outfit. She looks like a mini Chaka Khan! Where is her stylist and physical trainer? I mean you’re a celebrity, Boo. Get it together!!! (Still love her, too.)

jaceeel said...

@Madame Z., I thought the rest of the movie was popcorn fun but I just couldn’t let go of the continual bad depiction of black women. From Bernie Mac’s (character) mother to A. Anderson’s mother. I mean if you break down just to color and gender. White men and women are depicted as being heroic and smart . Black men are depicted as heroic and smart but black women are depicted as nags and ignorant. So there was plenty of sour but no sweet for black women.

@segio, “Let's be honest here, what guy would get a boner looking at her (except for white guys with some "jungle fever" fixation)” palm to forehead. She works because she is very smart, funny and professional. She is not typical in her thinking. Yes they may have felt comfortable hiring her because she isn’t what some would consider a “typical” beauty but whopie is a Trojan horse.

@ anon no one understands sounds like bad satire. I’m more concerned with what RDJ will being doing as a “black” man. Is this going to be a situation that allows the audience to mock and promote negative racial stereotypes of black people under the guise of satire? This the same areas of the New Yorker cover and that mock ad that ran on the political site about Michelle Obama. There is a reason he didn’t lampoon other races or holocaust movies.

Boy I need to apply to SCAN. But saying all that I agree that these things should guild over our backs and we need concentrate on getting opposing messages in the air. Not just for the world but for ourselves. Even though I don’t like Tyler Perry Movies I support what he is trying to do. This is also why I LOOOOOVE this blog. On that note does anyone know anything about this movie on dvd on august 26.

Dirty Red said...

Tag your it!!!

Check my blog for the details

The Obenson Report said...

RE RDJ in blackface... I haven't seen the film, but I'll be checking it out on Friday, so I'll have a better take on it then. It's supposed to be satire... the question is whether it works and achieves its goal, or instead reinforces the stereotypes and ideas its supposed to be mocking. It's a slippery slope that Ben Stiller has chosen to stride with this film... I hear it offends many, regardless of color or creed, etc...

But, I'll say this, if after the movie opens, some white kid comes up to me and starts mimicking RDJ's voice and mannerisms in my presence, expecting me to be humored, I'll have to snap his neck, satire or not!

Sergio said...

@ jaceeel

I've seen Whoopi looking good before (I know it's rare when that happens, but I've seen it) so I know she can look a WHOLE lot better then she usually does. So why she always wants to look like the biggest butch dyke on the planet is beyond me. (Now wait I said she LOOKS like one, not that she IS one). It's like she intentionally downplays any sort of feminine sexuality for some neutered, "safe" look to make herself easily palpable for white women who are intimidated by black women. God Forbid they actually have a beautiful and intelligent black woman on The View. Those white women must have been terrified that their heads were going to explode when Michelle Obama was on the show

Scott McLean said...

She is still very pretty, but she really grew up! nice gal though and sweet.

Your blog is cool! I like it and will be back again.

Scott McLean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scott McLean said...

I think Raven still looks pretty and cool. Wouldn't it be any guy's dream to sing a duet with her or be her co-star? Well she seems like a nice person, and that's important.

Bygbaby said...

Raven Symone is a hot damn mess 7 i am so happy that my kids are not into her overgrown ass anymore!!!


Invisible Woman said...

Hey nikki! where ya been? I agree that even skinny women can't where just anything--she needs whoever redid Serena Williams...stat!

@jaceel: so glad you're here--love your comments and repsonses to the others!

@sdg1844: I know, girl--I'm getting to be an LA stereotype...

@sergio: i actually knew about the funding issue--I just thought it seems a lot more worthy of her time to raise the funds instead of wating time on that frivolous mess

@madame Z: thanks for your great comments, I always enjoy far as Transformers--it was such drivel I can't believe it was a subject of so much discussion last year!

Invisible Woman said...

@ehav: me no love Transformers. As far as Raven, that outfit looked much better on Jennifer Beals 20 years and 200 pounds ago...haha!

@anon: truth be told, I agree that people are making way too much about this movie...guess they don't have enough to do during the day.

@clnmike: let me answer your first point for you--IT IS NEVER REAL...EVER! lol and yes, that picture was taken last week...guess she's been raiding the Hostess factory...

@wonderman: do you like Liza too? I kid! lol :-)

@kelliann: omg she does look like Chaka! haha

Invisible Woman said...

@dirtyred: OK!

@obenson: LMAO, but I know you (a little) and your waaaay too suave and sophisticated for neck snapping!

@ergio: "Those white women must have been terrified that their heads were going to explode when Michelle Obama was on the show"


@scott: hey there :-) she does seem sweet, but she really is too young to be so heavy--it looks uncomfortable...

@bygbaby: damn BB! lol!

Ehav Ever said...

You are to funny IW. Now that I am looking at that Raven photo again, I keep getting the feeling like she is going to pop right out of the tutu outfit, and maybe that explains the look on her face.

aulelia said...

stop press. taye diggs is not black. :)

Tayo said...

I'm late on this, so I'll keep it short.

I refuse to see Dark Knight simply b/c everyone else has and proceeded to tell me to go see it cause it's the best thing since Jesus created sliced bread...

Vin Diesel in that movie = Vin Diesel in every other movie, so pass.

RD Jr is my white guy crush so I'm going to wait to see the movie before I pass judgment (I don't want him to disappoint me, lol)

Invisible Woman said...

@ehav: you are funny! But ol' girl sure does look uncomfortable, yes?

@aulelia: ROFLMBAO!! Somebody may have to break the news to him...

@tayo: you can always comment late girl! I enjoy reading everybody's thoughts...RDJ is great in everything I've seen him in, hands down. OK if not great, then completely interesting :-)

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

LOL I heart this blog!!

Invisible Woman said...

Yours is pretty saucy too! :-)