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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reader Reviews....

Ya know, there are two new releases out there that are of interest and/or curiosity to more than a few, but for some reason I can't get up the gumption to deal with either of them, even for my own blog. The first one is Bygbaby's (yes, him again, lol) review of "Traitor" starring The Cheadle:

This past weekend, while on vacay, I decided to head to the movies to check out Don Cheadle’s new flick “Traitor”. Up until now, I thought everything Don touched turned into gold because he is just that good, but in the case of “Traitor” Cheadle’s touch did not produce gold, it produced brass. As a matter of fact, it produced a brass dildo that fucked me out of $10.50.

In “Traitor” Don had an OK performance in general but the movie overall was a piece of shit. Well, piece of shit is a little harsh, so let me just say that it was not worth the $10.50 that I shelled out for it. Maybe if I paid the twilight price of 5 bucks I would have better feelings about it.

The story line was focused but yet disjointed at the same time. The start of the movie had no tie to the story in a cohesive way. The characters were not developed at all & they popped out of nowhere & disappeared as quickly as they came. Looking back, I still have no clue who Don was, what team he actually worked for, or anything else.

The only thing that I walked away with from the movie was a feeling that border patrol agents are stupid (yes I know it is a movie but also in real life), Jihad is not a good name for a domestic pet, and Muslim extremists are angry & dangerous as hell. There was very little else to walk away with. And basically, this is the type of movie that you rent from Blockbuster when they are out of the really good movies.

I really don’t have much else to say about the flick except that I want a partial refund.

From IW: Damn, Byg, tell us how you really feel....the second is a review of my beloved Terrence Howard's new CD. I know I really should have written this, but damn, I don't wanna listen to that sh*t! This is from Bef of O Hell Nawl!. Very short and sweet, but I'm sure she said it all....

Man I wish y’all could have seen my face when I first listened to this CD. I was all kinds of confused.

I really don’t know what to say about this CD other than it was some hot buttery funky garbage!

Well let me clean that up a little….musically it was some really nice jazzy/folk type music but vocally and lyrically it was just NOT the business.

I need for Terrence to stick to what he calls “acting” and stop the shannigans of trying to be a singer.

UPDATE: Ms. Marvalus from "The Marvalus View" left me a comment that she reviewed Terrence's CD on her blog....cruised by and it definitely gave me a laugh:

Dear Terrence,

When I saw you playing the guitar in “Best Man,” I was so impressed. Your guitar skills are off the chain! You have magical fingers, so when I heard that you were putting together a CD, I was a little excited. You see, I’m a fan of yours. Even through your crazy ass, from the left interviews and even through the Hustle and Flow flow (I never want to hear you try that again), I was right there with you. You are an amazing actor, and you light up a screen.

Today, I listened to your new CD. Fortunately, I didn’t rush out to purchase it. No, I signed into my Rhapsody account (which I pay for monthly) and pulled up your new release to give it a preview to decide if it was worth my money. It is not. I barely made it through the first song before deciding to go and listen again to the Eric Benet CD. You see, there is a difference between singing at home, and putting it on wax. Sometimes you need to let shit go. You shoulda just let this one go, baby. I admire you for fulfilling a dream, if that is what you are doing by putting this CD out. But I beg of you, don’t make this your focus. Because the music will never be what you are about. Your rawness and passion that you exude on the screen will never come across in your music the way you imagine it to. You, honestly, cannot sing. And as hard as you try to push harmony through your vocal cords, it does not work.

I look forward to your next movie. I will gladly pay to see you on the big screen. But the music? Miss me with this…

A fan,



clnmike said...


Was Traitor that bad?

MsMarvalus said...

IW...I listened to this TH CD...I need you to stop by and read what I thought...I think you will like it!

Eb the Celeb said...

I'm definitely NOT feeling Terrence's sound... I heard him live a couple weeks ago and its just not my thing... now the boy can play the hell out of the guitar... I would have preferred if he just did a jazz album and let other people sing.

sdg1844 said...

It's hard out here for a Pimp Yo! LMAO @ both reviews. Thank God I'm not Cheadle or Crazy Baby Wipe Man right now.

Believer 1964 said...

Sorry to hear that Cheadle couldn't pull it off.

Crackin' up at what you pick up after the good stuff is gone at Blockbuster.

Listen up, have heard of RedBox. They're much cheaper than the competition. Check it out!

Invisible Woman said...

@clnmike: bygbaby certainly thought so! lol

ms. m: thanks for that....i finally listened--gonna post my thoughts later

@ebtheceleb: you and ms. m seem to be in agreement on that...

@sdg1844: girl, you are too funny!

@believer1964: thanks for that info; i'm gonna google it.

Nic said...

@MsMarvalus: That was the most hilarious thing I have read in a while!!!

They need to post your cd review in The New York Times!!!LOLOL

Invisible Woman said...

@nic: I wonder what the NY Times did say about it? I'm too lazy to look it up!

Exquisitely Black said...

I'm with you, normally I run, not walk to the theatre when I see Don Cheadle's name...but, something about the trailer for Traitor told me to stay away.

Thanks for saving me the money and we'll have to anxiously await his next film.

Skoolboi Krush said...

I didn't think Traitor was a bad movie at all. It's not Oscar-worthy either. Just an average flick. Then again, I saw it for $5.

Invisible Woman said...

@exquisitely: I'm with you--I'll wait for it to come to HBO.

@skoolboi: based on BygBaby's review, I think the pricing aspect is key!

Anonymous said...

Traitor was the type of movie I expected to see Wesley Snipes not Don Cheadle. Give Wesley a job.

madame z said...

Aw man, I heard good things about 'Traitor', damn. LOL.

Bygbaby said...

LOL!!! Thx for the cross post. It was actually finny reading it. Anon was right, it was a movie ripe for Wesley Snipes but ain't that nigga in jail???

I heard that THoward had an album out & I almost threw up in my mouth. I am not wasting my time trying to figure out if it is good or bad.


Invisible Woman said...

@anonymous: that assessment seems very on point, unfortunately :-(

@madame z: see for yourself!

@byg:LMAO at the Terrence comment--damn, it wasn't even that bad of a reaction for me!