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Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend B.O.

I'm going to be posting random thoughts over the course of the day---if you missed me, you won't mind, if you didn't--roll with it anyway!

First up is the weekend box office:

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE (thanks Sergio!)
August 29–31, 2008
Studio Estimates

1) Tropic Thunder P/DW $11,500,000 Total; $83,834,000

2) Babylon A.D. Fox $9,700,000

3) The Dark Knight WB $8,750,000 Total: $502,421,000

4) The House Bunny Sony $8,300,000 Total: $27,851,000

5) Traitor Over. $7,900,000 Total: $9,401,000

6) Death Race Uni. $6,228,000 Total: $23,078,000

7) Disaster Movie LGF $6,170,000

8) Mamma Mia! Uni. $4,418,000 Total; $131,509,000

9) Pineapple Express Sony $3,390,000 Total: $79,773,000

10) Vicky Cristina Barcelona MGM/W $3,003,000 Total: $12,787,000

11) Star Wars: The Clone Wars WB $2,900,000 Total; $29,808,000

12) Mirrors Fox $2,825,000 Total: $24,893,000

First of all, I saw "Tropic Thunder" while on my hiatus. Come on people, has it really come to this? We are definitely in a Code 10 Man Down Situation about losing our humor.....the whole blackface thing was a complete non-issue for me, as well as any other offenses one could have taken viewing this movie. People that are worked up over anything in Tropic Thunder need some real hobbies, or some really good sex, or lots and lots of both--I'm just sayin'.

On another note, maybe Hollywood will get the message about the raw sewage they've been pumping out to the general public. After massive amounts of advertising, Babylon AD and it's monotone "star" Vin Diesel, only made 9 mil. Hopefully the folks that make the hot garbage like "Disaster Movie", "Date Movie", "Epic Movie" et. al. will finally, FINALLY go away. Did anyone really expect "The House Bunny" to make any real money? I mean, we've all seen "Legally Blond" by now, why see it again with a minor twist?

Another stinkbomb was "Deathrace". I saw the original one, "Deathrace 2000", which was a satire on the state of America and it's fan obsession and consumerism. Remakes almost always lose the point, replacing the messages with special effects. All I can say is Hollywood is completely brain dead and run by robots not to know by now that that formula does not work!

"Mirrors" is a certified flop-wasn't Robin Thicke's wife Paula Patton in that? Can we officially lay the Japanese to American horror flicks to rest? If you've seen one, you've seen them all. I watched the opening three minutes; the DVD was popped out, never to see the inside of my player again.

Poor Don Cheadle. I think it was Sergio who said that The Cheadle was in no way a leading man, and would never be able to carry a hit movie. Sadly, based on the returns of "Traitor", he might be right. Oh, and a short sidenote--Dear George Lucas: the well has run dry...move on!

btw, "anonymous" left a comment on my blog saying the cheadle was on the "down low", and can't understand why everyone can't see that. i say: what sucessful black man haven't they said was gay (excluding obvious hoecakes denzel and samuel jackson)?


sdg1844 said...

Sounds like I'm not missing anything. I still want to see The Cheadle no matter what anyone says. LOL

Eb the Celeb said...

I saw tropic thunder and thought it was hilarious... i laughed from start to finish and felt it was done well...

but its not a movie for everyone... its one of those movie you either love or hate.... no inbetween...

i thought it was genious... robert downey jr. and tom cruise were great and really played roles your not used to seeing them in and that's why i loved it

off subject I would really like to get your perception on you you feel is going to come out on top the week of the 12th I believe when the family that preys and the women come out on the same day...

I personally am going to see the women... but with the church following that tyler perry has... he still might come out on top... either way... i want to get your prediction

Invisible Woman said...

@sdg1844: like i told clnmike, don gets the video rent, sorry :-( but you sho as hayell ain't missin' a thing!

@eb: i thought the same about tropic thunder---i enjoyed it as a comedy, and that's really all it was.

as for tyler--it is very hard for me to gage this will be interesting to see what happens--it looks over the top and melodramatic to me, but then again so do all of his movies to me--and they do well anyway

Anonymous said...

But the Women also looks terrible. Did you guys see the trailer.

Invisible Woman said...

Anything with Jada Pinkett's face showing and my "NUCLEAR BOMB!" alert goes off!

belledame222 said...

On another note, maybe Hollywood will get the message about the raw sewage they've been pumping out to the general public.

if only, but I'm not holding my breath.

Invisible Woman said...

@belledame: *sigh*

me neither.