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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random Movie News...

Not much going on in the world of Black Cinema--or any cinema, really. I went to a preview of the new Morris Chestnut/Taraji Henson/T.D. Jakes/Bill Duke movie "Not Easily Broken"...more on that after it opens, but here are a few tidbits....

Can I say what's up with Sundance? They are showing all types of...I don't even know what this wit (spotted on The Obenson Report):

"[Michael Clarke Duncan] is starring in a film called Slammin’ Salmon, which will premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in a couple of weeks.In the film, a brutal former heavyweight boxing champion Cleon “Slammin’” Salmon (Michael Clarke Duncan), now owner of a Miami restaurant, creates a competition to see which of his waiters can earn the most money in one night, with $10,000 as the winning prize, while the loser will endure a beating at the hands of the champ.

Of course, hijinx and hilarity ensue... what else, right?

The film also features Vivica Fox."

From IW: Hmmm...after some investigation, I see the makers of this film are "Broken Lizard", responsible for a few weird, low budget comedies. I don't know what to make of it, especially what is going on with Vivica's just seems to get bigger and bigger every time I see her. Here is the trailer:

It pays to be married to someone who knows the true meaning of "parlay", and this applies in volumes to both of the Smiths:

"TNT had greenlit the medical drama "Time Heals," with a 10-episode order. The series is produced by and stars Jada Pinkett Smith. David Julian Hirsh (TBS' "Lovebites"), Laura Kenly, Christina Moore ("90210") and Suleka Mathew ("Men in Trees") will co-star.

"Time Heals" is set in a Charlotte, North Carolina hospital, with Smith playing the director of nursing who takes on hospital administrators, apathetic colleagues and heartless doctors."

From IW: I would normally have lots to say on this, but I know Undercover Black Man was working on a project with Jada, and this may be it, so I'll be quiet and be nice...but oh! how it huurrtsss....

Got this in my inbox from Sergio:


So I've seen Notorious and I have to say that I think it's really really good. The plot may follow the standard basic formula of a bio-pic but then it's with real visual flare and style by the director George Tillman.

However the sake of openness I have to admit that I'm a long time close friend of Tillman and his producer partner Bob Teitell so course I'm biased. Also I have to be upfront and say that I really don't know anything about hip-hop so I ask you and all your readers to give their opinions about the film and say if they feel the film really captures Biggie Smalls since, though of course I know who he is, I don't nothing about his music except that he was a real big fat guy who got shot. At the screening there were several radio DJ's and local radio execs and they were enthusiastic about the film so I take it that they felt it worked for them.

One fault though is that damn Angela Bassett. Subtlety is definitely not a word she's familiar with. Once again she goes overboard with her usual overacting and speaks in that THE VOICE OF GOD tone especially in her final closing narration in the film. As you said once that black people tend to confuse intensity and over acting with good acting. It's not. Basset is a straight up ham actress pure and simple. I mean she would overact just brushing her teeth.


From IW: I'll also keep my mouth shut (for once) about Angela Bassett, 'cause I don't want the chix from "Angie B. News" bringing down their special reign of Bassett terror on me. I will say that I am not checking for this movie--but I said the same thing about Cadillac Records at one time, so we'll see.

Here is the trailer, tho I'm sure most of you have seen it:

And finally, for all you strong. Black, female screenwriters and filmmakers:

"The International Black Women’s Film Festival was established in 2002 by Adrienne Anderson, a San Francisco Bay Area-resident and San Francisco-native. Though an academic and collaborative technology trainer by profession, Ms. Anderson is also a journalist, writer and cultural activist. It was through her contact with music artists and filmmakers that she found that many films being presented had little, if any, fair representation of the complexity and human emotions of Black, female characters. Surprisingly, she found this consistency among films from other countries as well.

She decided to create a festival where the accomplishments, talents, creativity and filmmaking skills of Black women could be celebrated, featured and fairly represented. Looking beyond the usual Hollywood-style stereotypes of Black women, she introduced new and innovate cinema, primarily directed by Black women, and/or featuring Black women in non-stereotypical roles.

To date, the festival has received over 400 entries and has garnered international attention around the world from the Netherlands, Germany, Paris, Ghana, Canada and Australia! The festival has also received personal support and sponsorship from STAR WARS director and creator George Lucas and his media company LucasFilms, Ltd "

From IW: There is a call for entries going on right now. To find out more, click HERE.


madame z said...

Thanks for the post. The only portion of interest to me is the International Black Women Filmmakers link, so definitely thanks for that. Bookmarking and visiting in 5, 4, 3, 2... ;)

Undercover Black Man said...

I would normally have lots to say on this, but I know Undercover Black Man was working on a project with Jada, and this may be it...

Your sweet consideration is appreciated, IW. But this wasn't the one I was working on. And the one I was working on, I messed up... I couldn't make it happen. So I'm no longer in business with Mrs. Smith.

I think it's cool she got a show greenlit. Jobs are getting scarce for drama writers.

SDG said...

Glad to hear about the Int'l Black Women Filmmakers. Very cool. Everything else gets the gas face from me.

La Diva Sim said...

IW, you know I enjoy your blog even though we dont agree most of the time. :) But why is it that every time a black woman comes across as strong and dignified shes considered to be overacting? If it was a white man doing the same things he'd be up for multiple Oscars.

Angela Bassett purposely portrays black people in the best light on film and stank folks, like your boy Sergio, just dont appreciate it. Its a classic case of a weak ass man intimidated by a strong ass woman. Tell Sergio he doesnt recognize a Queen when he sees one.

Anonymous said...

'Notorious' is actually getting a UK release, IW!

I was so shocked when I found out. A mainly all black cast getting a UK release.

Just for that reason, I'll be in the cinema. Although, I was slightly annoyed to find out that the guy who plays Biggie is a rapper anyway. Would have liked a non-rapper.

Wonder Man said...

good luck to Jada

Eb the Celeb said...

I dont understand how those Salmon movies get producers that actually get the money for this crap and then there are all these amazing stories to be told that cant get funding.

Invisible Woman said...

@madame z: are you making a film?

@ubm: ok--cool, so now i have free reign to talk ish, haha! sorry it didn't work out, but what you're doing with david sounds waaaay interesting!

@sdg: and return of the gas face!

@ladiva: i'm sure sergio has read your comment...a word to the wise: he would be much better at fighting back about a.b. than me!

@charcoalink: that dude is actually suposed to be good...that's what some say, anyway.

@wonderman: i guess...

@eb: me neither. and i'm way past sick of it