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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dis N' Dat....

Yeah, I know, spotty posting. What can I say? If I was paid to blog in a real way, I'd blog every day...I just don't have the wherewithal like someone like The Black Snob...I'm a slacker and semi-proud of it!

For terrific movie news, join Tambay Obenson at the "Obenson Report", which had a veeery interesting dustup on Black Film Festivals HERE (be sure to read the comments), or hop on over to the great Black Cinema blog "Black Film Academy" which also faithfully lists calls for submission for filmmakers and screenwriters.


Some of this you probably heard already, but you know I must always add my two cents.

Y'all know how I feel about Bey, so there is nothing more I can add to that. But Beyonce as Angela Davis? Just plain wrong. And Stupid with a capital "S".

What I do want to see is Wesley as James Brown in Spike's bio-pic. Me no likey Mr. Snipes for the past few years, but I am extremely intrigued to see what he and Spike will come with.

A friend of a friend of mine Cheo Hodari Coker, who wrote "Notorious", is now penning the bio-pic for Run DMC. Hmmm...all I know is that going to Stanford University seems to open a lot of doors, no matter what you choose to do in life.

This just in from Planet Duh: Will Smith is now officially the most valuable and highest paid actor in the business, in the world. Who woulda thunk?

Saw this clip of Gabourey Sidibe's audition for the movie"Push", by Lee Daniels, and thought it was interesting. What I don't find interesting, however, is that the film is being fought over by Lionsgate and the infamous Weinsteins. Just give it to Lionsgate you greedy fuckers and let us see a decent Black film for once!

I have been on deck to interview one of the film's producers and Lee's partner, Lisa Cortes, for some time now...I guess I'll have to wait for the final verdict to do it.

Am trying to stay out of the Rihanna/Chris Brown fray, but there is a lot of personal emotional involvement on the part of the general public. Should women be allowed to go ballistic on men with no consequences? How many breaks do you get being famous, even beating someone with the whole world watching? And so on. All I know is that this is just another sad case in Black male/female relationships, where there is already plenty of anger on both sides. Speaking of which, I will be reviewing "Diary Of A Tired Black Man" this weekend.

And speaking of relationships, lovely reader Ms. Lady Deborah (email me your address, girl) wins a copy of "A Good Day To Be Black And Sexy" (I will be interviewing the Director Dennis Dortch very soon so stay tuned). She thought the best Black Cinema love scene was Angela Bassett and Wesley Snipes love scene just holding each other all night after meeting in a hotel was terrifically romantic. She said: "When I think of what scene in a movie provided me with a realistic satisfying moment-it was in Waiting to Exhale. When Wesley and Angie met, cuddled and did not have sex. I believe that came across that way because the real need they had at that moment was being met."

I would tend to agree that sometimes the best sex is sexless. On second thought, maybe just rough and dirty talk sex. Ummm...Ms. Invisible will investigate and report back, haha!

Speaking of Angela Bassett, saw this on Obenson's blog:

Angela Bassett will be stepping behind the camera for the very first time, as director of a film based on a book by Percival Everett called Erasure, stating, "I always thought that I had a third eye, but it's frightening and I always wonder if I can pull it off... It's a good story. I've had opportunities in the past to direct smaller, independent movies and television shows. I never want to do it just for the heck of it."

Erasure has been sitting in my ever-growing pile of books to read for about a year now. It's about an African-American writer who "overcomes" his intellectual tendency to "write white" and ends up penning a parody of ghetto fiction that becomes a huge commercial and literary success.

From IW: Sounds great to me, with a tad of "Bamboozled" in it, it maybe Angie can give that strong jaw a rest for a while, lol.

thanks black market index and c&d for the bey, wesley pix


SDG said...

I love me some Angela Davis. I can't even begin to articulate the venom that will come forth if Sasha Fierce tries this one out.

Snipes is as dead to me as James Brown.

I can't even comment on the Rihanna Chris stuff right now. We'll see what happens.

Angela behind the camera? Might not be too bad. I just wish she showed a more diverse range in front of it.

Watching "Black & Sexy" this weekend.

Urban Thought said...

Why do they keep giving Beyonce these rolls? I don't think it is name alone; something is up.

Rihanna/Chris: Too much information is out there right now. Some true, others not so much. Hopefully this will all work out (what ever that means).

msladydeborah said...

I'll start off with Thank you! I was reading your post and saw my name and response. What a nice surprise! Especially after such a nerve working day at my job.

I am not feeling Bey as Angela. Is there no end to the madness. I like the idea of a movie on Angela. It is long overdue.

It will be interesting to see how that project works out.

Wesley as James Brown? Say it ain't so! I will really have to see this one after it is produced. It is difficult for me to imagine him as the hardest working man in show business. Spike is going to have to show me what he is working with on this one.

I hope that PUSH gets released. It is one of my favorite books. It is such a powerful story!

From many of the comments I have read or heard during discussions about Chris and Rihanna, it seems that we may need to teach a review about relationship violence-because there seems to be a lot of folks who seem to feel that what happened was okay under the "right" circumstances. I feel that both of them are wrong for different reasons. Chris was wrong for his actions and if Rihanna isn't going to be cooperative with authorities she is wrong also. Even if she loves him the message she is sending to other young women is one that we have worked too hard to remove from the national attitude on violence towards women.

Anonymous said...

Beyonce as Angela Davis ... aww hell to the naw!

Wesley as James Brown ... erm ... um ... not feeling it, but I trust Spike's vision, so I'll give it a shot. Plus Wesley need the cash to pay off the IRS.

Chris and Rhianna ... I have no words, like you IW, I'm staying out of it - to be frank, I don't really care.

Gabourey rocked that audition, excited to see this film, although it seems like really grim subject matter.

Anonymous said...

I really think Bey could shine in a non-singing role and this would be a dramatic challenge.

IW, I will send you the UK box office for Notorious as it comes out today (and I'm going to see it tonight).

Go B!

clnmike said...

Best ses is sexless?

The hell you say.

Yeeeahhh for Angela Basset, if you cant in front of the camera get behind it.

La Diva Sim said...

Even though Beyonce suprised the heck outta of me with her performance as Etta James. There is no point in her playing Angela Davis other than to piss off more deserving actresses. I think Kerry Washington would do the role justice.

Wesley as James Brown. Sorry I dont see it. Wes is too big and tall to play the tiny man with soul. But I'll still support it in the theaters...

Just from the previews I've already seen of Push I can tell its going to rustle plenty of feathers. Its heartbreaking just reading the premise. I'm rooting for this one.

You are a naughty boy, Chris. How will you have get Ri Ri to let you under her umbrella now?

Angela Bassett... dont let me get started. lol! I'll support whatever she does and I think directing is a good look for her. But I cosign with SDG, I rather see Ang take on a meaty role even if it means shes gonna "strong jaw" it all the way! haha.

Anonymous said...

Angela Davis a too big a role for Beyonce, period. I could see Kimberly Elise playing the part; she's certainly a strong actress.

I can't see Snipes as James Brown...just can't picture it. But I still have some faith in Mr. Lee though. Here's hoping he can redeem himself after his Miracle At St. Disappointment film.

Moe said...

The Comments you made on the Black festivals were fair, future participants need to know what to expect. Programmers should appreciate critiques just like writers/filmmakers have to.
Ms. Kersey was speaking at OBS, so I found her replys interesting as well... :)
I'm going to PAFF this weekend, I think that should go smoothly.

madame z said...

Beyonce as Angela Davis - "un-beweaveable" I cringed a couple times during the trailers showing her 'scenes' during Cadillac. I think when the day comes (if it comes) where I don't cringe at her work, where I don't SEE Beyonce on film as opposed to the character she's attempting to portray; then, I'll think she can go on to play someone like Angela Davis. What happened to Eartha Kitt? Wasn't that rumored too, her taking the role?

Wesley as James Brown. Word? For real? Hmmm...*flashes of "To Wong Foo" enter my mind* Not because of the 'drag/costume' but because of the singing performances. Has Wes ever portrayed a singer before? Musician, yeah, but singer? Hmmm. Will have to see. It might be interesting though, as James Brown was, IS legend...

Bio of RUN-DMC, sure. I think it'll be great if done well.

Will Smith...richer than the rest of us, confirmed yesterday, today and tomorrow. LOL.

PUSH...I simply cannot wait to see this film. I don't care who distributes it as long as it gets to my gat damn town and my gat damn theaters! Still pissed about not getting to see Cadillac Records, though I hear it's coming out on DVD in March. Yeah!

Chris Brown/Rihanna...SMH. :( Fucking sad.

Angela directing? Go Angie! I wish there were more roles for her...rather, I wish she'd take on some different roles as she has the talent to back them up.

boris said...

is this who the black race has delegated to represent us in Hollywood and mainstream film?? i think its time for some new blood now. idk who can do it tho i'll ponder on that. def not bey tho

haha u knooow spike needs a job, and he better pay his taxes. come to think of it they do look alike. and spike lee is a beast so this should be wicked. speakin of spike i fiiiiinally got to watch DO THE RIGHT THING.......its now my fav film of all time, and thats the truth ruth

run dmc flick should be wiiiiiiicked. i LOVE run dmc. that will show kids u dont have to be street to rap

when u said Push i thought the white people movie Push lol. looks wicked tho

haha idk why but people are laughing at this whole chrihanna saga but if it was someone else people would sympathise with the woman haha, so funny. i found this hard to believe but i think c-breezy wont lose all his fans. them sesame street checks should make him comfy

Marvalus said...

Dammit Bey! Will someone please tell her no, for once!? This ain't the one for her...

Ion't know about Wesley as JB...I'm holding my opinion about that one...

I'm kinda intrigued about the Run DMC film...should be hot...

Yeah, I don't think we needed anybody to tell us that Will is the man..

I read the book Push years ago only once and it still has my tear stains on the pages...such a powerful book...I've watched clips from the movie and I think they will do it justice by being true to the emotions...I can't wait to see something that makes us have to use our brains at the movies and shows that, well...we deserve movies that make us stretch ourselves out.

I'm leaving that Chrihanna shit alone...but I'm smh...

Good stuff, IW...

bklyn6 said...

How 'bout Gabourey Sidibe as Angela Davis!?

If this was ten years ago, they'd be looking at Halle Berry to play the part.

I wouldn't mind seeing Mekhi Phifer as the Godfather of Soul!

boris said...

wonder wether the Run DMC movie will talk about how Rev Run met Justine
*justine voice*
oh jooooooooooey

Black Film Academy said...

Thanks so much for the shout out, IW!

Tafari said...

hey boo! Spike is clearly doing Wesley a favor by letting him star as James Brown. To me it seems totally inappropriate but I guess we all need a come back some times!

Lastly, I want to thank you for reviewing & introducing me to Medicine for Melancholy last year. I went to see it at a Detroit Screening the other day & simply LOVED it!!! I walked away feeling satisfied & proud.


Ehav Ever said...

Beyonce as Angela Davis? I leave the states for almost two years to live overseas and this is what has happened to the country? Is there any way there can be a presidential order from Obama to stop this mess? I think I am going to rescind my US citizenship over this. As well as Snipes playing James Brown. I just don't see it.

Maybe I will take all this back if the RUN DMC biopic is any good.

Invisible Woman said...

@sdg: "Snipes is as dead to me as James Brown" haha!!

@urbanthought: like someone said, bey is usually one of the executive producers on the movies, so guess what? roles!

@ms lady deborah-you deserve it--you should have it next week (coming from it's publicist). as for chrianna, just tragic--tho i don't know any women who haven't been subjected to some kind of abuse--emothional, verbal, whatever.

noelanimahana: do you mind if i call you "n"? the name is long--lol.

Push does seem grim, but interesting.

@charcoalink: bey should hire you for her staff--you are a true diehard :-)

Invisible Woman said...

@clnmike: i would expect a response like that from the happy go lucky bachelor! lol

@la dive: I really, really agree with your first statement, for sure.

Wesley is really not that tall (I've seen him a few times). Maybe he just has a big presence on the screen...but I think they may pull off something really interesting

@v-knowledge: even if the Brown flick isn't good, at least it will be interesting!

@moe: thanks :-) please let me know what you thought of this year's fest....

@madame z: no cadillac records? damn! where do you live?

if i could have 10% of will's fortune i'd be in heaven...

Invisible Woman said...

boris: you just saw do the right thing for the first time? awesome! i mean wicked! lol!

men seem to really love that must hit on certain emotions.

@ms marvalus; thank, baby :-)

and to this: "Dammit Bey! Will someone please tell her no, for once!? "

I say for reals, for reals!!!!

@bklyn6: How 'bout Gabourey Sidibe as Angela Davis!?


I'm completely shocked that they didn't ask halle to play Angela anyway, true.

@blackfilmacademy: no prob--i love what you do :-)

@tafari: you saw it? yay! you loved it? double yay!! now please write a review :-)

@ehav: i think you need to come back to the states to regulate! lol

Candice Frederick said...

ugh, Beyonce as angela davis. FAIL!