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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For My New York Folkses....

Got this is my email:


My name is Jonathan Hyppolite from Afropunk. I was wondering if you can put up the Afropunk poster on your webpage for promoting the entire festival. Musician and Poet Saul Williams, Grammy Award-nominated Janelle Monae, and Legendary 1977 punk band Pure Hell are just a few of the headliners for the 5th Annual Afropunk Music/Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY. UrbanX will introduce the BMX/Skateboarding competitions with the prize being two tickets to the X-Games. Can't wait to see you guys there. History in the making.

Event: 5th Annual Afropunk Music/Film Festival
Place: Brooklyn Academy Of Music
Time 11am-10pm (times varies)
Dates: June 30th ( Webster Hall) July 4th-6th, July 12th (Bloc party)

Much Love

Jonathan Hyppolite

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