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Monday, June 29, 2009

This N' That....

Didn't watch the BET Awards last night, did you? I know there was a tribute to Michael J, which was nice, but did you know that Spike Lee and John Singleton both directed videos for the Gloved One? I didn't. (I posted the pic above cause I absolutely love these two together, so sue me.)

Speaking of Michael, The Reaper seems to be on a vendetta...Farrah, McMahon, and yesterday Billy Mays. Strangely I felt kinda bad about Billy---my co-workers had this joke that if they wanted someone to get their ass in gear they would imitate Mays and talk REALLY loud, saying that his shouting style seemed to motivate people. Someone was watching "Pitchmen" at my house (Billy's show) ironically the day before he died, and I felt an immense amount of respect for how he treated his family--they were so very loving, I'm very sad for them, he seemed like a very good man.

I watched, or half-watched, "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" on TV One yesterday, starring an array of very attractive and very C-List actors. Was that movie underwritten by Tyler Perry? All the elements were there...the gospel scenes, the child in peril, the woman getting her ass beat, and this seeming surplus of "good men" and all problems are completely solved by going to church. *yawn* But I have to admit that I absolutely adore the original series "Unsung", especially the profiles on Donny Hathaway, Minnie Ripperton, and Shalamar. What is up with Jeffery Daniel's upper crust semi-British accent? Weird.

The trash that is Transformers made a sh*tload of money over the weekend, being number one, of course. My Sergio had this to say:

"[Keep] this in perspective. The film cost $250 million to make and another $150 for advertising and marketing , so Paramount knew from the outset that they had to make the film the biggest opening ever if they had any shot to make their money back. Which is why the film already opened overseas almost two weeks ago and opened here in over 4200 theaters. And also keep in mind that the far and away superior The Dark Knight opened last year with an opening $203 million and it achieved that in three days while this racist piece of shit opened on a Wednesday."

A couple years ago I posted a piece about the first "Transformers" called "Racism And Robots" which you can read HERE. I didn't even write the actual article, yet I got some voracious hate mail and a good amount of traffic from it--still do. And yes, I still believe Michael Bay is a loser.

Speaking of traffic, why do I get tons from folks searching for Countess Vaughn of all people. Who can these people be and why do they want to know about her? The mind boggles.....

And listen to me and the majority of the contributors to Shadow And Act chop it up on a podcast tonight--get your details right HERE, my friend....5pm PST, 8pm EST.


clnmike said...

Yeah the transformers movie is highly overrated and did push the racial envelope. The thing is that it is so blatent you have to wonder what the hell were they thinking. Thank goodness I bootlegged that mutha.

SDG said...

I haven't watched BET in God knows how long. It seems that I continue to miss absolutely nothing. They remain covered in Epic Fail.

I've heard all the whispers about The Transformers film. I think I'll see it out of curiosity. I lvoe having something to be pissed off about. lol.

btw - I am also "Lenox Ave" on Soul Sis-tar, in case you hadn't figured it out yet. Wink.

Tafari said...

If you are on Facebook, you have to see this video recap of BET retarded award show.

I dont watch BET so I got all my nuggets on the trash that went on via Twitter. Good shit!

I saw Transformers 2 & did a blog post on the Afro Spear about it & how racist it was & the comments have been off the hook. Some people are so fucking ignorant!

Urban Thought said...

I didn't watch the award show but I did see the highlights and the news and some YouTube clips. I wasn't impressed. They could have done it better. I know it was short notice in terms of planning, but come on.

I saw Transformers 2. I have to say I'm not going to argue with the racist comments about it. It does bother me... right up there with JarJar Binx (or however you spell it).

Anonymous said...

i like unsung too. i watched the debarge one on youtube. if tv one had just a few more shows they would be on it. i love the old movies and what not. just want more content. is this countess vaughn pic supposed to be sexy?

Anonymous said...

hey iw is there any chance you can get one the director's you have interviewed to showcase a film on s&a so i can use it for the film club too? (run-on)

Sergio said...

Just now noticed you used my quote. THANKS! I really appreciate that and I have to confess I like Amber Rose too. I have NO idea what she does except being famous for being with someone famous but she's kinda a slutty porn star freak type of way. But if Kanye wants us to think that they getting all freaky deaky all the time. Yeah right...forget it!
They've probably not even kissed.

Well not each other... said...

Countess Vaughn is a blog traffic magnet??!!

Who knew!!



Sergio said...

It's probably repo men trying to repocess her Merecedes. Those Moesha residuals aren't coming as often as they used to ...

Invisible Woman said...

@clnmike: this might be a case where i'm ok with bootleg, for real

@sdg: Epic Fail is an understatement! Girl, I knew it was you right away--loves your comments :-)

@Tafari: Give me a link to that post and I'll reprint it here, twin!

@urban: now i know the race thing is a problem with that movie--you are usually very easy going about to that BS movie!

Invisible Woman said...

@mlm: i want to see the one on debarge--can't believe i missed it--thanks for the info that it's on youtube.

That pic of Countess is not the bizness---she was supossedly showing of the new implant in her backside, but really just looks constipated. lol!

just let me know which director you'd like to use and i'll hook it up :-)

@sergio: do you really think kanye is "that way"?

you are too funny about countess, but may be on point!

@bwbtt: i know--who knew???

Sergio said...

Well Kanye has aleays been sorta "suspect" and I do recall some rumors not too long ago that he and another well known male singer (one with a odd shaped head if that's any clue) were an item.

One thing for sure is that he's got the biggest set of horse teeth I've ever seen on a human.

Tafari said...

Hey IW, Here is the link to the story I did on Transformers 2 posted to the AfroSpear:

Its up to 47 fiery comments.


Invisible Woman said...

@sergio: odd shaped head? LOL!! now off to find that one....(i would say llcoolj, that noggin is drastic, but he doesn't sing!)

@tafari: you see i posted :-)

Sergio said...

I'll give you a clue. His last name is the definition for a story that's historical in nature usually with some fatansy elements. Got it?

Invisible Woman said...

You know, I guessed that right away, but he ddidn't seem like Ye's type--but what would I know? haha!