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Saturday, December 26, 2009

In A Perfect World....

Here is my Kwanzaa update--I posted this last year, but I still haven't gotten over the sheer audacity and cajones this woman had for even thinking of this. I present to you the most disgusting cake in creation, set forth by one of the whitest women in creation; Sandra Lee's Kwanzaa cake. Who sanctioned this sh*t?

To my City Of Angels folkses, there is a Kwaanza parade starting at Crenshaw and Adams at noon (12/26/09) ending at Leimert Park. At 6pm there will be a candle lighting ceremony and a festival all day long:

Leimert Park Village Vision Lot: 43rd Street & Degnan -2 blocks east of Crenshaw Blvd on 43rd street 4300 Degnan Blvd , Los Angeles , 90008

Phone: (213) 955-5239

Pee Wee + Little Drummer Boy + The Diva That Is Grace Jones = The Alchemy Of My Christmas Wishes And Dreams...beautiful days to everyone!

h/t undercover blackman


msladydeborah said...

I hope you had a good holiday IW!
Thanks for sharing a truly unique holiday classic.

Villager said...

I'm glad you re-posted this one. I missed it last year. It does take some cajones to be a white woman posting a video about a so-called Kwanzaa cake. That being said, I did enjoy the tips about creating cinammon-flavored icing. I may have to try that one in my own kitchen one day!

I wish you and your fam a truly wonderful Christmas and New Year!


Must Love Movies said...

hey iw
that cake video made me smile.
happy holidays to you.

Josephine said...

I.Cannot with Sandra Lee. Grace Jones is so fab!!

Marco Michele said...

hi there, I like very much your movie blog, I love movies too and I wish you happy new year ;)
best regards,
Marco Michele

Invisible Woman said...

@ms lady: thank you! very much looking forward to your comments in 2010--stay blessed :-)

@villager: it is ALWAYS a pleasure to see the sight of the rhino around here--it makes me feel special...i hope 2010 is everything you want it to be!

@MLM: how do they celebrate Xmas in korea? was it much different?

@josephine: 100% agreed on both points--lovely, prosperous new year to you, my dear...

@marco: thank you--hope to see you more often

Must Love Movies said...

hey the celebrate with trees and stuff decorations. i didn't go downtown to see the ambiance. i hear people go walking around looking at the lights. new years is big b/c they get a year older on new years.
i had christmas off but many places were still open that day except for the banks

Tafari said...

IW - You have managed to slay me with that damn Kwanzaa cake! Whats the Nia of it? Diabetes?

Shit! LOL!!!

BMW said...

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blackpoemsunite said...

I'm shocked because:
1. Sandra Lee made a Kwanzaa cake, like white folks invite people over to their homes for Kwanzaa dinner. ROFL.
2. The cake looks disgusting!

Ash said...

Aww the cake probably isn't that bad... minus the seeds, apples and nuts. Probably coulda made it look better too...but hey, it's original. I've never heard of a Kwaanza cake.

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