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Thursday, January 14, 2010

This N' That....

Yes, I am a bad girl. I admit it. But really and truly, when I am away, I really miss you guys. I wish there was some kind of device that would write all of the Black Cinema thoughts in my head automatically....but alas, there isn't, so you are stuck with Number One Supreme Slacker, aka Ms. Invisible. But please know that I love you, and your comments make life worth living! haha

OK, had to come back about this "Uptown Saturday Night" thing. For those of you that have been paying attention, that is one of my favorite films of all time, Black or non. I wrote maybe about a year ago that Will Smith would be in the remake. 15 years ago, that wouldn't have been such a major disappointment as it is now. But then this added tidbit--Denzel Washington is rumored to be in talks to be in it as well. Of course, Denzel is probably playing the Poitier role, and Will the Bill Cosby one, but wouldn't it be so much more interesting if it were the other way around?

Okay, my seventh husband The RZA aka Bobby Digital seems to be adding to our future family fortune by getting into filmmaking. I laughed my ass off when I saw this uber-serious profile on him from The New York Times, I guess to give someone even a small clue who doesn't know anything about him (aka YT):

As founding father of the hard-core Staten Island rap collective Wu-Tang Clan, RZA (pronounced "rizza," given name: Robert Diggs) conflated the spiritual enlightenment found in '70s kung fu movies with racially incendiary teachings from the Five-Percent Nation of Islam, adding to the mix references to Taoism and comic books, numerology and snippets of mafia don movie dialogue, articulating a plaintive yet hard-bitten ghetto cri de coeur.

Huh? Anyway, I never really considered Wu-Tang "hard-core", but thanks for the name pronunciation clarification.

I know Sergio wrote a snippet on this already, and I tweeted about this the other day (the picture above came up when I image Googled NAACP--it seemed apropos). How the holy f*ck can the NAACP Image Awards nominate Michael Jackson's Funeral as "Best Variety Show"? If I wasn't already done and buried with them for almost a decade, this f*cktastic f*ckery would have definitely sealed the deal anyway. The founders of the NAACP must be spinning in their graves at 100 mph. Oh, and by the way, they also nominated Sandra Bullock as "Best Actress". And here I was thinking she wasn't Black the whole time...silly me.

How many of you saw the film "Four Brothers"? I did, just to see Andre 3000, who, by the way, was a complete and total dud in it. I do not believe acting is among his many talents. But Tyrese, whom I normally don't pay much attention to, looked eyeball-breakingly foin in it. Good try, but really, do we honestly need a sequel? That is what I have been reading. I vote no.

Speaking of stupid sequels, Laurence Fishburne is doing one for "Predator" 23 years after the first. Really, Larry? Mortgage payments are a bitch, I tells ya....more sigh inducing tidbits; Rashida Jones signed on to do the film based on Facebook (yes, you read right), and someone had the nerve to approach the Hughes Brothers to do a fourth installment of "Pirates Of The Caribbean". Thank the Lord they did not jump at that, but is anyone looking forward to "The Book Of Eli"? I am curious, strictly because of the Hughes Brothers, cause as far as Denzel goes, it looks like the same ol' same ol'. I hope I'm wrong.


Nicole said...

Ewww..missinvisible! That picture! I'm eating gummy bears right now! It's gross and hilarious at the same time! lmao!

msladydeborah said...

So much to think about!
btw, How you doing IW?

I think that it is time for a fresh crop of Black films to pop up. We'll see what is happening as spring approaches.

Dee-Vona said...

I think the studio execs are trying to ride the Tyler Perry gravy train (and we have black president now---we're sooooo "post-racial). They see how much money his movies gross, so now the attitude is " if we make it, they will come." There always been an audience for black-oriented movies. And I agree I think it time for more "black" movies.

uglyblackjohn said...

USN with Will Smith and Denzel?
I'd rather see Chapelle (making a comeback) and Wayne Brady.

What, what...
Bring The Pain is hard core.

NAACP - Are they even still around?

4B - Andre 300? I liked Guy Richie's "Revolver" but A3K can't act.

Invisible Woman said...

@nicole: Sorry, but just so you know, that's sludge, not sh*!

@mslady: hey girl! :-) no one is looking forward to some new Black film more than me...but it looks like i'll have to go to a festival to see one these days. :-(

@dee-vona: welcome! i've heard rumblings that a couple studios will be taking a different direction--let's hope it's true. at least the book of eli is perry-free.

@ubj: yes, sadly, A3K should step away from the scripts post haste.

wayne brady and dave chapelle? YES!!!!! all day!

Don said...

A film on Facebook? Wow. Someone is running out of ideas....

Uptown Saturday Night is one of my favorite films, ever. I would love to see the film remade, featuring today's generations of great black actors.

Don said...

Oh, and no comment on NAACP awards "Best Variety Show" nomination.


Invisible Woman said...

@don: you know, i had to lay down for a while after reading that facebook was depressing!

btw, i read several stories last year about how one of the founders is a straight up damn-near ayrian racist. that alone (besides the stupid idea) is enough to make me stay far away.

Wonder Man said...

NAACP needs help

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