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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wanna Talk Black Cinema?

Then please join me, Max Reddick, Rippa and Michele on Blog Talk Radio tonight, Sunday the 24th....we would love to hear your thoughts!

Blog Talk Radio – FTSR 1/24/10 9:00pm est – 60 minute show this week

Listener/Guest Dial In: 914/803-4881

This week’s topic: Is Black Entertainment Dead - Where did the nineties go? We had an explosion of music, movies, and television shows starring and written and produced by blacks in the nineties - where is this decades’ Love Jones, Different world and next Lauryn Hill coming from? is Precious this generation's Color Purple? Who killed Whitley Gilbert? Have all the Boyz left the Hood? The Jacks ain't New no more and no one is fighting the power. This week, Max, Rip and Michele wonder what happened to all of our 90s quality entertainment. Join us to discuss your favorites and where have they gone?


Marvalus said...

Interesting...I'll try to call in...thanks for the heads up!

mdean said...

I would say we have more and better black films then ever before. Last week we had The Book of Eli. It had a black star and black directors. Law Abiding Citizen, same thing. Countless DVD movies.
In terms of black music..ahh have u check the internet?

Anonymous said...

ok i think this is soon. i will tune in after the game

Anonymous said...

p.s. you can't put up a link?

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to do a Shadow and Act post titled Lincoln Heights the last black sitcom. lol

Aiyo said...

could you please put a link up please.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link

Yung Ro said...

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Don said...

Well, judging from the date, I see that I've missed this blogtalk. And I don't see a link on the blog anywhere so if you could, could you email me the link?

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