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Friday, April 30, 2010


OK, I know I said I was gonna post once a day about these old school films (which I still am), but I got caught up having to make a two day trip to San Francisco...I'm sorry, but I DO NOT miss living hometown is falling to pieces on a non-tourist level.

Anyhoo, until I can git ta writin', I'll leave you with my beloved Sergio's opinion of "Just Wright", and a preview of a film that fell into my inbox. If you're looking for a film for the weekend, I highly recommend "Shutter Island", which I viewed online on the plane last's the next best thing to Hitchcock. I have been giving Leonardo DiCaprio the side-eye for over a decade, and though I have liked some of the the films he's been in (Gangs Of New York, for example), I never thought he should be Scorcese's DeNiro replacement muse until this film. I actually think my man can act! lol. Well, here is Sergio's opine on "Just Wright" (and "Mandingo"):

I've seen Just Wright and it's a lame, totally predictable, tepid, boring film. And aside from the fact that you've seen it 1000 times before and can predict everything that's going to happen long before it does, it's TOO nice. King (yes I said KING) Latifah and Common play too of the most blandest, nicest, dullest people on the planet in the film. They're not human, but mannequins. I suspect that Latifah's character in the original script was sassier, tougher and rougher around the edges. You know, a REAL person. But I suspect she's had the script rewritten to eliminate any roughness, least people think that she's too...ahem...manly.
Common is the nicest, safest, NBA player in history. I mean c'mon a NICE considerate NBA player?? Here's an idea...what if the film had made him an arrogant, loud mouth, annoying person (with maybe a baby momma somewhere) to hide the fact that he's an insecure. lonely person afraid his glory years as a player has passed him by. You know a REAL person. And of course keep in mind that he eventually dumps Paula Patton over for the King in the film too. Yeah sure, that's real belivable But I understand this is a fantasy not real life. (Then again didn't he date Serena Williams for a while? Maybe's he's got a thing for mannish chicks)
The film is so lame that it resorts to the old worn out trick of a character (the King in this case) driving an old beat up car that NOBODY in real life would drive just to show that she's "quirky". I still think that film should have been the King and Paula Patton are involved in a relationship and Common comes along, they have a "three way express", he "converts" Patton and they leave off happily ever after. Now THAT would have been a movie.
BUT Mandingo. THAT MY MOVIE! Love it, love it, LOOOOVE IT! One of the still fondest movie going experiences was the first time I saw the film when it came out and there was this brother in the seat behind was doing this HYSTERICAL running commentary during the film and when it got tho the big sex scene with Ken Norton and Susan George (which lasted all of 30 seconds) he had me damn near on the floor rolling. The film is available though Legend Film label in restored widescreen and anamorphic too which you can buy on Amazon or other online video stores. Unfortunately there's no commentary or extras, but the film has never looked this good since it was first released. You know I've got a copy.

From IW: Not surprised about "Just Wright", but I will give my opinion on "Mandingo" over the next couple days.

Here is an independent Black film that came into my inbox; no message, no comment, no synopsis, no nothing--just a link--so I really don't know what to say. Anyway, at least you know there are those out there trying outside of the Hollywood System. Also, you can now sleep at night knowing that the milk carton alert for Joseph C. Phillips is official solved:


Candice Frederick said...

yeah, Just Wright DOES look bad....buti like paula patton (from precious only--she was snubbed for that oscar), and Queen La.

marissa said...

Just Wright looks like fun. Candice, don't listen to these jealous people when they make fun of Queen Latifah for being more successful and more relevant than they will ever be. You have to remember there are so many jealous people in the world who want nothing but to bring people down because misery loves company. Have your own mind!

Tafari said...

"Just Wright" has not been getting a lot of love but it doesnt matter because Im seeing it anyway.

Yes, the story line is predictable & somewhat tired but this looks like a fun pairing.

As Black African American Negroes, we are very picky & nothing ever seems to do.

Im just happy that Tyler Perry has nothing to do with this film!

On another note, Common is making his rounds promoting this movie by visiting Layne Bryant stores. And no, I am not making this up.

I find that to be interesting but hey, gotta drum up support some how.

Sergio said...

"... don't listen to these jealous people when they make fun of Queen Latifah for being more successful and more relevant than they will ever be. You have to remember there are so many jealous people in the world who want nothing but to bring people down because misery loves company. Have your own mind!"

Yeah I'm SOOOOOOO jealous of Latifah because she's
more man than Illl ever be. If I'm jealous of somebody then it's Lex Steele, Mr. Marcus. Jake Steed, Julian St. Jacques, Delvin Weed and Justin Slayer

Sergio said...

"On another note, Common is making his rounds promoting this movie by visiting Layne Bryant stores. And no, I am not making this up."

Which brings to mind what I said to a friend after I saw the film: "Well, fat chicks will like it."

SDG said...

Loved Shutter Island. It was a great old fashioned suspense film. DiCaprio is no DeNiro (in his heyday), but he is a solid actor.

marissa said...

Sergio you are such a jerk and it's just sad how much you sit around hating on a beautiful, talented and classy woman like Queen Latifah. So what if she's not the most feminine woman in the world she is rich, she is also doing what she loves and doing very well for herself. You are a nobody behind a computer screen talking crap about her all the time. Yeah, that's so manly of you, I'm sure you mother would be so proud. smh
I swear misogynistic pigs like yourself shouldn't even be allowed to review films like this because it's obvious that you don't get it. You were hating on this movie long before you even saw it so don't act like your went in on fair ground. Bottom line is that you are a jerk and you need to get a life. Queen Latifah is going to be rich successful and people will still love her no matter what you say about her. She is one of the most talented black actresses around and she has come such a long way to get to where she is now so show some respect you jack@ss.

Sergio said...

I'm so touched by your kind and thoughtful words. Until you bought it up I had no idea that I was a "jerk" and a "misogynistic pig" as you so well put it. I admit I thought I could hide it, but you're too smart for me. I humble myself before you. I realize now what an empty and shallow life I've been living all this time. Never again will I say an unkind or mean word about that overbearing heifer you so clearly are so desperately in love with known as King Latifah.

Invisible Woman said...


normally i have no problem with diffrences of opinion, but when it comes to abusive of my regular readers, that is where i draw the line.

you trying to recruit candice is also equally ridiculous, as she is also a film reviewer and has very strong opinions and a mind of her own as well.

i've had this blog going on three years, and the regulars and drop-ins are thoughtful and intelligent, and you are probably only the second person in all these years to think namecalling and being an asshole is appropriate. you already know the author of this blog has no love for latifah.

sergio is well loved here, and his opinion is highly valued. most certainly vastly more than yours. i suggest you find another blog to troll around unless you have something to say which shows you have a genuine thought process. any more of your abusive comments will be deleted, the very first time i've ever had to do so in the history of this blog.

best, iw

Sergio said...


THANKS for defending me but believe me I've been called much worse things. Clearly Marissa has serious issues. And as for her I'll quote Udo Kier from the movie Blade: "You bore me"

DB said...

Every since I saw the trailor I knew I wouldn't watch "Just Right" if it was available to me to watch for free (which it is). I will say defense of the film based on the previews. I didn't see any loud talking comedic gay men in the previews ( not that there's anything wrong with it). Nor did I see any men dressed as women for comedy effect. And lastly no bug eyes on the movie box cover. So maybe in sone rainy Saturday my wife will be watching it and I'll have the luxury of falling asleep in her lap while it's on.

Ms☆Go (dcmoviegirl) said...

I'm just wondering why rumors of Latifah's sexuality made into your review in such a negative manner.

If she were, I'm wondering how that suddenly changes her sex to masculine.

I'm wondering what that insult had to do with her performance in the movie, which I thought was just fine.

And I'm also wondering why you as a black man (whom I'm sure has been called a n*gger at least once in his life, by some ignorant racist) has any gall whatsoever to be homophobic.

Seriously dude, you need to check yourself.

Sergio said...

You evidently didn't see the same movie that I did (to use an old cliche) Now normally an actor's sexuality has nothing to do with the parts that they play. But Latifah's problem is that it's no secret that she's a butch dyke and is proudly so when she's not glammed up for the cameras. No "rumors", fact. You are obviously the only person who doesn't know that. (You also must also evidently believe that Tyler Perry is "still looking for the right woman to have a relationship with") O.K. fine. Live and let live. But then don't turn around and pass yourself off as a straight woman desperately looking for some man in the movies. NO ONE will buy it and it was quite obvious in the film that there was no connnection or chemistry between her and Common and audiences could pick up on that. She can make as many damn movies as she wants, just don't make any rom-coms because SHE CAN'T PULL IT OFF. Is it any wonder that still her greatest performamce to date was as the butch dyke in Set It Off? That's because she wasn't acting in that film, just being herself

Ms☆Go (dcmoviegirl) said...


The fact that you continue to use slurs ("dyke" really, dude?). The fact that you insist on outing her, (it may be common knowledge in Hollywood but it's rude to out someone who isn't "out" officially) and the fact that you insist that she as actor cannot play a straight role in Hollywood chock full of gay people you don't know, who are playing it straight and straight actors who play gay to accolades...Just speaks to even more to your ignorance and homophobia.

Please. Stop talking. I'm cringing for you.

Sergio said...

I say what I want to say the way I want to and that's it. If you want one of those "sensitive" men look elsewhere and stop getting your panties all in a twist.

Ms☆Go (dcmoviegirl) said...


LOL, okay Cartman. ;)

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