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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Movie News....

Okay, your favorite movie bloggin' slacker actually has some movies news. But first--I saw the trailer of Spike's "The Miracle Of St. Anna". Wowzers. It looks epic and amazing--hope it turns out to be. If it is, hopefully this will be the beginning of new things for Black filmmakers; going outside of the tired, tired ass Hollywood ethnically cleansed system, and getting the money amounts that match their creativity and vision. Kudos Spike...there was a time that I never imagined I would say that about him, but he actually proved to be worthy of all the hype he generated when he first arrived on the scene. Here is one version of the trailer:

Thanks so much to Sergio who keeps feeding me information, despite my lack of blog posts as of late. He sent me this...could Spike's film be generating some actual interest that we existed before the 1970's?

Yesterday's AP story on George Lucas's Red Tails, which is in pre-production, focused on the Tuskegee Airmen who will be the subject of the film, revealing that John Ridley is writing the script. There's been some speculation that Lucas might be returning to the director's chair.

According to Lucasfilm, Lucas is NOT directing Red Tails.
As originally reported by Variety, he is an executive producer, with Rick McCallum and Charles Floyd Johnson producing. (Variety first mentioned the project back in 2006.) Ridley is writing. No other attachments yet, they say.

They have not started talking to distributors and aren't yet talking about their plans for financing. Lucas could pay for the whole thing out of his own pocket and barely miss it, but that doesn't mean he will.

Like so many other projects, they will push production back if there is a SAG strike.
And for those who are asking if a story about World War II airmen facing racism might appeal to a certain Lucas pal named Spielberg, known to have made movies that touch on African-American history and the Second World War now and then, be assured, we checked with Lucasfilm and he's never been involved with the project.

From IW: So Spielberg makes films that "touch on African American history"? I must have missed those--if anyone knows what they are, please let me know. And I'm not talking about some movies he made sprinkled with some Black characters that have lines, and are not imperative to the film.. That white perspective is something else, I tell ya...lets hope a movie about The Tuskegee Airmen is not told from one, like so many other Black stories.

To my ATLians: You guys are lucky. Spaghetti Junction is doing some thangs down there. On Monday, they have the 5th annual Black Women Film Festival...and folkses, it's free: check it:

Urban Film Review
DATE:6/23/2008 Monday, June 23rd
TIME: 7:00pm
LOCATION: Woodruff Arts Center,1280 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309
MORE: FREE! Arrive early, limited seating. Click HERE to RSVP

Call me crazy, but this sounds so effin' interesting to me--usually, I'm turned off on this kind of thing, but I am mildly fascinated by this concept. From reader Sienna:

Hi there

I don't know if I'm dating myself...but I remember when I used to watch the Family Feud back in the early '80s (when the host was Richard Dawson) there were so few black families on the Feud that when a family came on that looked like mine it was big news in my house.

Well times sure have changed. NBC is premiering Celebrity Family Feud next Tuesday at 8/7c and not only is Al Roker the host -- there are several black celebs and their families taking part:

Teams include: Team Ice T (And where Ice T is, Coco surely follows), Team Symone (Raven Symone), and Team Mo’Nique (need I say more) and Team Fox (Vivica)

From IW: I was never into Family Feud...once I had it on in the background and it was on for 15 minutes before I realized that my own sister and assorted relatives were on it (no one bothered to tell me-WTF!?!), but I'm tuning in to this, for sure.

Reader cdnyc07 sent me this nugget from my beloved, Terrence Howard:

The Iron Man star, 39, has a brutally honest take on love. "I'm the most arrogant person you'll ever meet, and any woman I date has to know that," he says. "Life is too short to pretend that you're okay with somebody when you're not."

From IW: Just one more reason why he's the man of my dreams. Btw, Terrence, you might want to bring that down a peg or two....let us marinate in the picture from my Terrence Watch! Part Six:

And over to this:

Speaking of Terrence, thanks to the wonderful Villager, aka Wayne Hicks at the go-to Black news and happenings blog, Electronic Village. He awarded me with the "Share The Love Award". He said this:

'Invisible Woman, creator of Black Cinema At Large - A very creative sister with experiences, perspectives and commentary on all things related to Black folks in television and movies. I haven't quite figured out if she loves or hates Terrance Howard!'

From IW: haha--listen Villager, let's put it this way--don't ever look for a wedding invitation from the two of us in your mailbox! The "Share The Love" origins are this:

The 'Sharing The Love' Award, was created by Blogger Crystal at “Memoirs Of A Mommy” blog, in honor of donor who saved her one month old’s life a year ago. Crystal’s son Noah celebrated his first birthday thanks to someone who gave the gift of life.In Crystal’s own words, here are the rules of the Share the Love Award:

“Share this award with all those blogs out there that you love. All the people who make you smile. All those that make you laugh. All those that make your day. All those that leave uplifting comments on your blog.

All I ask, is that you include a link to this post with the award and ask your recipients to do the same. I created this award in Honor Of The Donor That Saved Noah’s Life. I share this award with those of you whose love and friendship have enriched my life and made my world a better place.I hope by passing this award around the blogging world we can all help raise awareness of the need for Organ Donation.”

From IW: Duly noted.

And finally, here is a prime picture of the lovely Jamie Foxx back in the day. Enjoy the scenery while sipping your favorite martini...cheers!


Shelia said...

That is indeed a serious recommendation for old Spike, because I basically feel the same way about him. I'll make it my business to see this.

And with regard to Terrence, isn't their a penis length requirement for certain degrees of arrogance? It's the law if I'm not mistaken.

Marvalus said...

re: Terrence: tweezers, anyone? I agree with Shelia...don't you need to have, um...stuff, to be arrogant? Prettiness only gets you so far...

You are so wrong for that pic of Jamie...tee hee hee...

I saw the trailer for Spike's flick while sitting down to the Incredible Hulk...I am intrigued...

BTW, I just want to stay over here all day...I miss you, girlie!

tamara s brown said...

Thank GOD that George Lucas won't be directing!!!!! *gets up off the floor* I love George's imagination; he spawned Star Wars, one of the greatest epics ever, but gosh-diggity-damn the man LACKS when it comes to directing. *phew* Now that that's over with I can move on. And yes, George with his uber-rich ass could pay for the film ten times over. LOL.

Celebrity Family Feud sounds cool. The trivia aspect of that show always drew me; plus the hosts were funny.

Terence that his *gulp* peen? LOL. *dead* He is an interesting persona to be sure; I hope he'll return to the Ironman flick; I like him as Rhodey.

Ahhh Jamie LOL

tamara s brown said...

Oh, meant to comment on Spike's flick. I may have to go see it, most def. :) Thanks!

wanda loves... said...

I saw the Miracle at St. Anna trailer on the Incredible Hulk movie, so that in itself is great advertising. You know how studios can advertise movies with black people in it! lol.

Also, you are so wrong for those Terrance Howard and Jamie Foxx pics. At least give Jamie a little slack, IW!

wanda loves... said...

ps. how could you not know your own family was on "The Fued". Come on, IW!!!

I love Family Fued.

Lenoxave said...

The Spike joint looks like inspired film making. I'm excited about it. All this Spielberg and Black folk nonsense needs to stop.

Loved the original family feud and am not interested in the slightest in this new "version."

Terence Howard needs to sip on some STFU. Every time he opens his mouth, dumb sh*t falls out.

Dr. Tracey Salisbury said...

Who keeps interviewing Terence Howard? I find that he keeps saying stuff like that because he absolutely nothing of substance to say. He's just not a bright man and his ding-ding is small. Arrogance gets him through the day.

Spike's problem is will black folks go see the movie to make it a hit. We let Denzel down with The Great Debaters. And he is about due for a dog movie like She Hate Me real soon, so lets hope that karma skips this new film.


That is Jamie Foxx?

I thought it was that guy who played in "Coming To America"? You know who I am talking about...that guy with the curl whose family owned a THAT was hilarious...


clnmike said...

Cant wait for the Spike joint.

Eb the Celeb said...

I loved that family feud week when they had the nba players and their moms... I love family feud anyway but that was so much fun...

oh and you straight crazy for that terrence howard pic... i am dying laughing over here

and whew lawd... jamie ure came up in the world... he looks just like wanda in that

The Obenson Report said...

You know you really should have put some kind of *warning* a few paragraphs before that Terrence Howard naked pic. I suffered some temporary blindness when I scrolled down the page to find it. I'm much better now though. But, for real, I'm just saying :o)

The Obenson Report said...

Oh, and there's a lot riding on Spike's WWII flick. I can only imagine the pressure he might be feeling. But maybe he's the zen master after all, and the pressure doesn't rattle him. I really hope it delivers, if only for his sake. We'll find out in a few months.

Undercover Black Man said...

That Spike trailer is blazing hot.

wanda loves... said...

"he looks just like wanda in that"

look like who? :S

Felicity said...

Spike Lee's film looks good!

Anonymous said...

OMG, tell me that naked guy isn't Mr. I think I am all that, Terrance Howard. What happened to his package. Hmmm, that must be the white part of him he likes to brag about. Ahhh, you can STOP bragging. I have seen non-bm larger than Terrance.


Anonymous said...

Why in the world did ice t and the whore trash up such a nice program.


Cassandra said...

IW, you are killing me with the pic of TH's itsy bitsy winkie woo (yep I wrote it).

BronzeBuckaroo said...

I am loving this blog. A while back, I learned of Lee's WW2 film. Since then I have been waiting for it. A film of its kind is long overdue.

B said...

You just HAD to post that pic of Mr. Babywipes little corn nibblet didn't you? He's got some nerve telling women how to properly clean themselves when he is hung like a toddler.