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Monday, November 17, 2008


Okay, so I watched Katt William's "It's Pimpin Pimpin" last night. What is UP with that dude? He is so smart, and funny, and charismatic, but seems to go off the deep end in real life at an alarming rate (i.e. being committed by his family the other day). Disturbing. Is it a mixture of drugs that puts these celebs in the hospital/"retreats" for "exhaustion" and "dehydration", or just one big super-duper hellacious drug? I need answers, stat....

Who knew Condi Rice could look like this? Not me, that for sure.

Speaking of looks, is this really shit talking blogger Sandra Rose? Suddenly her extreme and obsessive hatorade on Beyonce and Ciara makes complete and total sense.

Is this her too?

Why am I absolutely not feeling Daniel Craig as James Bond? At all. He looks positively simian, with zero sex appeal (to me anyway). They broke the mold after Sean Connery, who had the swagger of fifty 007's. Bring on Clive Owen!

Was anyone surprised that Wanda Sykes came out as a lesbian? Not I.

Did you know Timbaland was producing movies? From The Hollywood Reporter:

Music producer Timbaland, born Tim Mosley, is making his first foray into Hollywood as executive producer of the upcoming feature “Vinyl.”

Timbaland’s Mosley Media Group is teaming with Effie T. Brown’s Duly Noted Inc. to produce the film, which follows five young women facing life-altering decisions about their relationships with members of a rock band.

Writer-director Richard Zelniker’s film is set to begin shooting in the spring, with Brown, Marcus Spence and Timbaland’s wife, Monique Idlett-Mosley producing.

The Mosleys plans to promote the film with behind-the-scenes content designed for mobile devices.

From IW: Timb's projects have all been non-Black for the past couple of years; by the sound of this project, he is probably continuing that trend.

Housekeeping stuff: you may notice some tired Google ads on my site lately--I am working on a project with a company called Yield Build in the Bay, don't be alarmed! :-)


clnmike said...

I think katt is over rated.

I dont care how good Condi looks she needs to be behind a jail cell with the rest of her buddies.

That first pic I think maybe photo shoppped.

The second, LMAO!

Sean Connery was the man.

I was not surprised by wana at all, and i wont be surprised when will gets dragged out into the open.

Marvalus said...

@ Mike - I'mma fight you--LEAVE WILL ALONE!!

Katt Williams is hilarious...and it's sad that whatever he is wrestling with is overshadowing his talent.

I don't follow Sandra Rose, but have heard of her and her, um..."shit talking" as you say. If these two photos are her, I would say that I understand too...

Karen said...

Clive Owen as James Bond, now that would be hot! I saw Quantum of Solace and it was too much action and not enough story. Snooze.

Anonymous said...

Hey IW!!

Hmmm...I think it's a mixture of drugs with a little "crazyassness" thrown in.

As for Condi, she does look nice. That's all I'm gonna say about her. lol

Sandra Rose, hmmm....big ole gallons of hatorade she be drankin'!

James Bond = Sean Connery. Daniel Craig is an epic fail as Bond.

I'm not surprised about Wanda Sykes, she's always seemed suspect to me.

Timbaland got some big guns there...hmmm. ;-)

Keli said...

Dead Azz Wrong is right!
*blank stare*

Most of the hating bloggers seem to be unattractive.

I was surprised to hear that Wanda Sykes was married to a man...who would have thunk it...

Lenoxave said...

I think we got alot of mentally ill Black folk walking around. You know how we feel about "The White Man's Disease". I hope he's getting the help he needs.

Sean Connery was the man and I think Daniel Craig has done a good job w/stripping away all the b-s that became Bond.

Not surprised about Wanda and didn't know Timbaland was making movies. Guess you learn something new everyday. LOL

tamara s brown said...

Ah keli! We share the same avatar!!! LOL

Katt Williams....yeah, what's the dilly-yo? I went to rent this feature, but it was sold out or rented out or whatever. Might be awhile before I watch it, as I'm sure tardy-renters will be hanging on to it days after it's due.

Condi...what in the hot hell? Who dis woman? She looks great! But this makeover is about 8 years too late. LOL.

Sandra...I can't. Won't. WON'T. say anything....thinks of old adage: if you can't say something nice... LOL (her knees are ashy as HELL)

Bond...I love me some Daniel and I love me some Daniel just fine as Bond. LOL. But Clive Owen? Perfect candidate too :) Especially for a more rugged Bond ;)

Wanda...Not surprised either, but knew she was married. Heck, Dave Chappelle played her husband on the short-lived tv show of hers... LOL

Timbaland...I heard about this project and would be more amped if the females were all black. At least lend credence to the fact that not all of 'us' are alike and date the same kind of guys, etc.

Unknown said...

I hope Katt Williams gets the help and support he needs. I don't watch his DVDs too much cursing but I have seen bits and pieces of him, he is talented.

No words on Condi.

What in the world is up with that ashy knee????!!!??? That pic is a man.

This new bond guy does not even have the physical stature or attractiveness of Sean Connery (not even the old Sean Connery!).

I had not heard about Wanda, but I am not surprised!

I don't care what anyone says Timb & Busta are on the roids...

Tafari said...

All of that Optimum Bodifying Relaxer went to Katts head & fucked him up. I don't care for his comedy but I hope that the man is getting the help he needs.

Condi still looks funny.

Damn, if that 1st photo is Sandra, she is hit the fuck up & needs to stop hating on anyone immediately.

On Bond, I am so happy that you are with me, cuz I am getting beat up n my review post.

Not shocked about Wanda but you never know & I never thought about it.

Timo needs to stick to records & Madonna gave him much love at her Detroit show tonight. I was surprised.


Sergio said...

I really like Craig as Bond. He's very close in spirit to Ian Fleming's original conception of Bond in his novels. In his books Bond is a cold heated brute, a thug. Connery had that and so sis Timothy Dalton (sort of) Roger More and Pierce Brosnan were too foppish.

And THAT SANDRA ROSE??? YIKES! No wonder she's hatin' on everyone ESPECIALLY OBAMA and still does. She hates anyone who looks better than her and obviously who's lighter

Wanda Sykes? Wow what a surprise and a brave thing for her to do.

Yeah, right. Just kidding. Like who DIDN'T know?

Wonder Man said...

Condi looks good, that other girl needs help

somady said...

clive owen turned down the opportunity to play bond so that he wouldn't get pigeon-holed. i understand that but that shoot em up movie was not a good look.

who knows wassup w katt. good luck to him.

wanda seems more asexual than lezzie to me but i guess.

timb has produced black content before. he was one of the producers of the film 30 Years To Life.

Ehav Ever said...

In terms of Katt and his issues. I can't say I am fan of his. Yet, maybe what he is going through is similar to what Dave Chappelle was alluding to when he was on Inside the Actors Studio.

Concerning Wanda, I am not surprised. There were things she said in a comedy special that made me wonder.

Yeah, I was not feeling any of the Bonds after Connery and Moore.

In terms of the supposed sandra rose pics. Ahhhhhhh! and Eeeeeekkkkkk! and Yiiiikkkkkess! Looks look like someone else needs that lotion missile payload that we were designing for Gary Coleman and Rodman.

Thembi Ford said...

This post KILLED me! That Sandra Rose photo is really eye-opening, for one. You know youre wrong for that second one. I really don't even know what to do with it, but I cant just walk away from such an ashy skinny knee without spreading it further.

Dr. Tracey Salisbury said...

You wrong for those Sandra Rose snaps! LOL!!!!!

Daniel Craig, the body is kicking, but the face is an issue!

Hate that Beyaki is playing Etta!

Invisible Woman said...

@clnmike: you think Katt is overrated? say it ain't so! maybe you should watch his newest one...let me know what you think of it. i think he's genius...

@ms.m: let's hope kat doesn't go out like dave c.

sandra rose talks much shit, and i must say, she has balls the size of the grand canyon, to say the least.

@solshine: that's what some are saying--it's just tons of action and nothing else. to which i say: ZZZZZZZ

@bhc: hi girl! so glad you're here, love your comments :-) xoxo

Invisible Woman said...

@keli: i know many a gay that was previously married...

@sdg1844: i know, our community never wants to address when one of us is clearly "51/50" as they say

@regina: "What in the world is up with that ashy knee????!!!??? That pic is a man." LMAO!!

as for daniel craig, not even old sean connery? dang!

@tafari: i got your back on bond, for sure.

not optimum bodyfying relaxer!! waht you know bout that, haha!

Invisible Woman said...

@sergio: i agree--you don't have to be sherlock holmes to figure out the wanda thing.

sandra rose is so ridiculous to me, and she has no idea about it, it seems

@wonder man: i don't think I've ever seen her smile before, not once.

@somady: thanks for that info about clive, and now that you brought it up, i do think i read something about that. it's too bad, cause he really is the hottest thing since a young connery. and yes, that shoot em up film was not the business.

@ehav: "Looks look like someone else needs that lotion missile payload that we were designing for Gary Coleman and Rodman."

maybe you should check out more of katt's stuff; he really is hilarious

@thembi: i thought the same thing...what an eye opener. but exposing her to the public at large may take some of her crediblity away (she had none to begin with as far as i was concerned anyway)

@professor tracey: i'm sorry, that face is made for a zoo...i don't find pleasure in looking at it.

you are funny. but that 2nd pic is not her, but it could be with that same not-attractive-in-the-least look.