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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Things That Make Me Laugh....

--Willona Woods aka Mary J. Blige in Tyler Perry's "I Can Do Bad By Myself"

--This blog based wholly on loony-tune blogger Sandra Rose (thanks sergio) lovingly referred to as "Crusty":

--This unfortunate trailer for the low budget, not even DVD worthy movie "Peaches" (thanks sergio):

--"Others" who wander onto this blog by some happenstance and say: "You and everyone on this blog are a bunch of racists!" And then proceed to break down how "inferior" we are in so many ways, and how we are just a bunch of ignorant apes, monkeys, or some other variance of primate. Folks that are also obviously completely and blissfully unaware of the term and meaning of "irony".

Obama Fingers. With curry dip. In front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Just why?


dubbleu said...

In what world is that a trailer?! SMH. I still don't know what the hell the play/movie/thing is about!

That sandraroseisahater blog is funny. Especially her stalking Beyonce! :)

Karen said...

What's the deal with Sandra Rose? And what's even worse is that someone dedicated a hate blog to her. Maybe it's just me but life is way too short to devote one's time to such an endeavor.

Anonymous said...

Okay. That "Peaches" trailer is COON-TASTIC. Over-acting much?

Anonymous said...

My soul cringed @ that "Peaches" trailer. It could double as a commercial for 1-800-I-CANT-ACT.

Wendy Raquel Robinson sure still looks good, I have to say.

Dr. Tracey Salisbury said...

I guess the Peaches trailer explains why these plays are known as the Chitlin' circuit!

Sandra Rose scares the hell out of me, but you can't deny her success!

Harlepolis said...

I'm actually quite excited to MJB Da MVP on movies(there was a planned Nina Simone Bio-Pic but I don't know what happend to that deal).

I can't stand Tyler Perry's ass,,,,but I'll watch this for the sake of Ms. Mary Jane,,,,I just hope she won't blink her eye 10,000 times a minute. LOL Coz boy, when she gets to blinking......

I'm seeing Crusty's mug(what a fitting name) all over the net, but I really didn't care to find about "It" lol,,,,

Marvalus said...

OK, OK...I went over to the "I Hate Sandra Rose" blog and laughed my ass off!

And that Peaches thing?! All I'm going to say is that better had been a play performed at the local school auditorium...

Yeah, I get those random monkey comments occasionally...apparently, we must be doing something right. We must be threatening somebody, somewhere!

Lenoxave said...

Internet trolls. Aren't they fun? Prez Obama, Fried Food and The Golden Gate. What a combo!

omar said...

By the bristling beard of Odin!!! What in thw world was that? Peaches??? How much acid must one consume to willfully write, produce, direct, and then have the nerve to star in something that wack???

Tafari said...

Sandra Rose looks a little more that ate up!

Peaches - No words

Them chicken fingers & dip, looks like some good Negro eatin'!


Anonymous said...

This makes me laugh too! Glad to see you back, IW.

msladyDeborah said...

Alrighty! I just visited I Hate Sandra Rose. There are too many things going on and they are all some kind of wrong! LOL!

Peaches-Why? Is this supposed to be theatre? It looks like a hot mess with a script.

Obama Chicken Fingers? I don't like chicken parts period. No matter how they batter and bread it, parts is parts.

Invisible Woman said...

@wanda: girl, me neither. and i don't want to know.

@karen: you are right, of course. but it's still funny!

@issa: you are so right. as a matter of fact, i was gonna use "coontastic" as one of the labels...

@v-knowledge: it can also double as part of "when the checks stop coming in"

Invisible Woman said...

Professor Tracey: she scares me too, for real. she is successful, but for the life of me i can't figure out why....probably for the same reasons perez hilton is.

@Harlepolis: i like mary, but i don't think she's right for nina simone...maybe india arie. i'd like to see that.

@marvalus: that's exactly what it looks like, a high school play. as for the trolls, i always answer them lmao. if they only had an inkling about how ridiculous they sound!

@sdg: see my comment above to marvalous. those fingers tho...the curry is what got me....huh?

Invisible Woman said...

@omar:"By the bristling beard of Odin!!!" LMAO!!

In answer to your question, plenty. and a few other libations as well, i suppose.

@Tafari: negro, you know good and well you ain't eatin' no chicken fingers with curry dip! haha!!

@noelanimahana: thanks! glad you were amused :-)

@mslady: they are not even going to see the theatre lobby with that mess of a play! they look like they were even lucky to make it to that cheap stage.

the sandra rose blog is wrong, but not nearly as wrong as the blogger (rose) herself. and it really is funny, i can't help but laugh.

Anonymous said...

I used to love to read Jimi Flix's blog when he would have those run-ins with Sandra Rose at certain events (for he is a photographer too) and they would get into knock down drag outs everytime they saw each other. He would post his experience with her on his blog referring to her as "ole crusty again." DEAD! LOL! I miss his blog, but he is now doing other things.

jon said...

I love the fingers! Fertig gebraten, mit Curry Dip!

That had me rolling. oh well. :D