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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

7 Questions With Actress Jazsmin Lewis....

OK, Ms. Invisible is the first to admit she can be a bit critical at times (but that's why you love me right?). I have made light of this young lady's talent with the flat iron a couple of times...she is definitely the master of 100 hairstyles.

But what Jazsmin Lewis is (besides an excellent hairstylist) is a thoughtful, down-to earth, ambitious, and focused Black woman, who definitely seems to have her head straight and in the right place. She is a lover of classic film, which I'm never one to be mad at, for sure. And, even more importantly, she seems to be the first female that I have interviewed (lol), but certainly not on purpose. So here is Miss Thing letting you know where she's coming from, the first lady of interviews on Black Cinema At Large:

Question 1

You seem to be everywhere lately; stage plays, television, and film. Which is your favorite medium and why?

I love all forms of acting. They all serve a different purpose to me and in my life. When I do a film, I get the chance to spend a month or two getting to know and grow a character. I get to take the time to develop the nuances of human characteristics. So, Film is a immersion into humanity and who doesn't love that. However I also love Television. TV shows your skill as an actor because many times you only have minutes to bring a character to life and deliver an interpretation of what you feel. It's fast and sometimes frenetic but always fun. And stage plays are the closet you can get to an audience and feel that energy with transforms every night into something new and many times beautiful. So, it would be hard for me to choose just one form of acting. I love them all.

Question 2

I have read that you've started a production company. What projects can our readers look forward to?

I started my production company the same year I started acting back in 1995. I knew I had to create projects in order to get to play the characters that I wanted to play. I have quite a few films in development now and have already produced other feature films. But keep looking out
in 2010 and you'll see Feline Entertainment in the forefront.

Question 3

There are many very pretty Black actresses in Hollywood not getting enough work, which doesn't seem to be a hindrance for women of other cultures. Do you think that being considered a Black woman that is beautiful can sometimes be a detriment in being taken seriously in Hollywood?

There's always someone willing and able to discriminate in Hollywood against women of color. Either your too beautiful or not beautiful enough. Beauty is subjective. I've been told that I was "too pretty" for some role that I really wanted but all it did was make me more determined to control my own destiny. I think being a woman of color can be a frightening thing for some
people in our industry. Our strength can be scary.. So, I don't allow anyone to use that excuse with me. It just makes me more driven.

Question 4

What are your top 5 favorite films?

Wow, there are so many. But I love the old ones: "All about Eve", "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte", "Boomerang", "Lord of the rings" movies and "Mildred Pierce".

Question 5

A subject that comes up here quite often is the dissatisfaction with what "The Hollywood Machine" is producing in the way of Black Cinema. What, in your opinion, can the public at large do to change things? (Everyone gets asked this question, btw)

I think the public has to get involved with what they want to see. Write your Studios, stop paying money to see what you don't like just because Black people are in it if you don't believe in it, and support the actors making the films that you approve of. Don't wait till it comes out on DVD to support it. Show the numbers for the movies that you like.

Question 6

I have a few readers who have emailed me about the TV show "Brothers". They feel that it is positive step in Black television. Will you be a regular on the series?

I was a guest star on the show and as far as I know, that's about it. Although I never close a door... But I have a series that I will be a series regular on starting in November and will release all the info to the press as soon as the ink gets dry on the contract. I have 4 films that I'll be
working on between now and March 2010 along with the series so I'll be busy. Best way to stay up on all that I'm doing in find me on Twitter/@Jazsminsworld. I give constant work and personal updates for films, tv and appearances.

Question 7

Any thoughts or advice you would like to leave for the readers?

Always follow your dreams. Even when it feels like nothing is happening, that just means work and believe harder. Keep God before you and let faith be the gasoline in your engine of life.

From IW: Co-sign!

big up to the folks on "grapes on a vine" a blog about indy Black film...check it


Yobachi said...

What led you to this connection? Never mind; as a blogger I've gotten hooked up with all kinds of celebs various different ways.

Anyhow. good interview. Had to research ol girl to remember where I know her from. Is that Divine Interventions movie already out? Seemed interesting enough to rent.

Reel Whore said...

As many folks as I keep running into, I keep wondering if I should start asking for a brief interview with them.

My problem is, I just never know what to ask beyond upcoming projects, fave projects, etc. Well that, and lately I barely have seem to review flix, let alone anything else.