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Friday, July 30, 2010

Please, Please, PleaseTell Me We're All Extras In "Inception"

Laurence Fishburne's daughter and some complete and total loser ...ummm..."speaking" about her "introduction" into the porn world. I know Larry is (allegedly) holed up with much weed, cigarettes, and the best case of vodka money can buy. I know I would be. Are they filming in a La Bon Pain chain restaurant in this youtube video? *le sigh*

I'm sorry, but this chick makes Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Paris Hilton look like Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Obama.


Tafari said...

This is a hot damn mess no matter whose daughter she is!

"She might cream?" "Become more of an animal in the 2nd or 3rd position?" " A Lot of at home experience." Wow & GOTT MUTHA FUCKING DAMN!

And I think they are at a Panera Bread. Sigh!

Lastly, she has to be on drugs! She looks totally disconnected & mildly high.

Laurence needs to snatch her has up then beat this nigga's ass like he was int he fucking Matrix!

blaqbird said...

@Tafari: lol Panera Bread...oh Lord.

Why, sweet Jesus, why? Laurence definitely needs to judo chop his daughter and karate kick this dude in the face. nasty....ugh just nasty. and for what? she is not gonna be famous or have any kind of career...she's just shaming her family...girl wake up and get a clue. a big damn clue. sheesh....

Invisible Woman said...

@tafari and @blaqbird: i read on another site that they are in a SUBWAY!...the lowest thought possible next to mcdonald's. btw, i think le bon pain was bought out by panera...(it looks like panera to me too)

eff the matrix...he needs to go straight ike turner on both of these fools!

Anonymous said...

WOW. WOW. WOW. I definitely didn't know there was a video to this. I vote for Au Bon Pain as the location too, it looks like it!

I can't believe this. Daddy must be SO proud.

Anonymous said...

On another note, she looks like Laurence and Angela Bassett's lovechild ... hmmm ....

Tafari said...

Panera Bread Pussy Peddlers. WTH!!!! And LOL @ Going Ike.

Anonymous said...

If they were in a Panera, the line, "Eat the cake Anna Mae" would be especially fitting.

wanda loves... said...

I couldn't even finish watching the vid this morning. Is this what the world has come to?

I at least give Kim Kardashian credit for not being idiot enough to actually tell someone that she released her porn for fame and attention.

That's how you can really tell old girl isn't working with much intelligence. As is some random black girl with a famous dad will get on the cover of magazine because she does a porn. Dumb.

tamara s brown said...

I know young impressionable women get turned out like this everyday; thinking a porn or whatever will give them some shine; establish them in the limelight, whatever, but this. THIS. It physically makes me ill. Where is Laurence? COME AND GET YOUR CHILD! Drag her ass back to the house if you have to! Sadness!

msladyDeborah said...


WHY? WHY? WHY? SMH...Who is this mofo? Mr. T's lost love child?

Larry needs to help his child understand that either you have talent or you don't. If you really don't have talent-there is no need to resort to letting everybody know it.

李家黃喬盈榮 said...

I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat...................................................................

Invisible Woman said...

^^ @李家黃喬盈榮: dude or dudess...can you please GO AWAY FOREVER and stay there?

Anonymous said...

Wow..there is just no excuse,but babygirl does seem like she may have shorted out a few brain cells.

Invisible Woman said...

@issarae: i feel so sorry for larry. and he's been completely silent. she looks dead on what he looked like in "apocalypse now"

@tafari: you are a mess, as usual haha

@theweightofwhatisreal LOL!!

@wanda: if she aspires to be kim (which is already telling) she needs to pay more attention

@madamezzz and msladydeborah: i swear her father must feel that this is partially his fault...he has to; no one that is brought up in a close relationship with their father would do this, unless she is semi-retarded or slow, or completely drugged out.

@delacourte: to say the very least...

Nollywood Forever said...

Its such a shame she had to go down like that... She seems a bit slow to me...

Invisible Woman said...

@nollywood: i believe slow is an understatement

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