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Saturday, June 9, 2007

And The Academy Award Goes To....Norbit! (Kidding)

In honor of Norbit's release this week, I'll give out a little info. This movie was the secondary motivation for me to start this blog, as I found all of the hoopla surrounding it's theatre release interesting and a bit confounding.

After seeing any film I generally go to various websites and message boards to see the general consensus, and the people were outraged; outraged I tell you! Things like "stereotypical in the worst sense of the word", "insulting and ignorant", "this movie confirms the age of "Idiocracy" is here", "sets blacks back to a time of 'Birth of a Nation' " and similar comments were repeated over and over. I found this a bit confusing, as I thought Norbit was to be taken with a grain of salt, and it was the first Eddie Murphy movie I've paid to see since "Beverly Hills Cop", and definitely the first one of his films that I've laughed at since then. Trust, Eddie doesn't normally move me at all. And who goes to an Eddie Murphy movie expecting Greek tragedy?

But upon closer inspection, I found that these comments were written by....wait for it....non-blacks! WTF? Comments like "only someone that is completely uneducated, on the lowest fringes of society could enjoy this movie" was far and beyond more insulting to me than anything Eddie could have done it a fat suit. My friends and family are, for the vast majority, educated and upstanding contributing citizens and we all thought it was hilarious. And the repeated "unrealistic" part of Rasputia? Sorry, but I actually have met women like that, and I'm sure you have too. The rare comment that I did see from someone of color telling these "authorities" to relax was met with hostility, and barbs that they were "ignorant" to the situation and the "long term effects" this movie would have.

Interesting. Best believe that most people forgot about this film until it got released on DVD this week. My take? Rent it, buy it, the ish is hella funny! (Take it from one who doesn't feel "ignorant" about the situation).

1 comment:

Coco LaRue said...

Trust, girl: I didn't forget about that movie. I am still trying to get those two hours of my life back!