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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Hardest Working Man In Show Business.....

I joke about how Samuel Jackson is in every movie that hits the screen, but he has nothing on Clifton Powell, who has made thirty-seven movies since 2000--from "Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles" to "Ray". I won't even tell you how many he made in the 20th century.

This man, though I have seen him a million times, remains an enigma to me. He will appear in a film that looks like it was funded by the 99 cent store without blinking, and appear in huge productions the next day. I am still convinced he never sleeps. Did you know he was born in Liberia? Africans, like West Indians, can hold down 5 jobs at a time.....(I kid, I kid!)

side note: an associate of mine tried to argue with me for months that this dude was Big Daddy Kane back in the day


dara said...

LOL!!! I laughed so hard when I read this post. Esp. the part about Big Daddy Kane. I'm still laughing as I write this.

Thembi said...

Damn you! I was gonna use him on my Obscure Black C-List Actor series!

CapCity said...

maybe he will play in the Life of Big Daddy Kane! LOL! funny intro 2 your spot, Invisible Sis:-)

Invisible Woman said...

@ capcity: as many movies as he plays in I wouldn't rule it out!

@Thembi: at 6 miliion movies and counting, I don't know if you can exactly call him obscure haha...but great minds think alike as they say....sorry!

hottnikz said...

He has played in a lot of movies and plays, too many to remember. I will always remember him as Pinky from Next Friday. He was soooo funny! LMAO @ Big Daddy Kane, he does favor though. LOL, @ capcity that's a good one, he would be the perfect fit.

Urban Thought said...

LOL... He does stay working. That is great considering the limited amount of roles out there.

When there is money to be made why not take the work?