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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Today in B'Days

She of one of my favorite films "Claudine", Diahann Carroll, is 72. This picture was taken in 1959.

btw, do you think her mama spelled "Diahann" like that when she was born? I'm just sayin'


Yobachi said...

You hit a nerve when you said "Claudine"; I love that movie.

I'm always surprised when someone else knows about it, because unlike many other black films from it's time (even Coolie High, which I also love) you never hear it mentioned in media and historical cultural reviews.

I liked it because it was a real love story as opposed to the fantasy, hollywood bullshit that most love stories are; plus it's also multi-layered, exploring social and economic issues at the same time.

I'll always love Diahann Carrol just for that role if nothing else. Not to mention she was in Five Heartbeats too :P

And she's and deed always been a beautiful and elogant representation.

"btw, do you think her mama spelled "Diahann" like that when she was born? I'm just sayin'"

Knowing black people, yes. We're good for making up our own spellings. I'm not even going to tell you what my momma's made up name is.

A great piece of simple film work.

Invisible Woman said... got that right, our folks sure can fool with some names...I am always surprised that Claudine is never mentioned, too--if only for the fact that it shows boo-jee Diahann on welfare!

Coco LaRue said...

I also HIGHLY recommend her CDs, too. Diahann has a voice as beautiful as the rest of her.

hottnikz said...

Yes Claudine was one of my favorites too, definitely had to add that to my collection. The soundtrack to the movie is nice too. Gladys Knight & The Pips sung the whole thing.

Yobachi said...

I want to get the soundtrack. It should also be noted that it was written in produced by Curtis Mayfield, who's pretty much the father of the motion picture soundtrack album as we know it.

Invisible Woman said...

Yobachi-I've always thought that the soundtrack to this film was by far the best for any film ever, as well as one of the best R&B albums in general....

When I worked at the studio that will henceforth remain unamed, we had a throwback screening of it for all of the black production companies on the lot. The discussion was that the soundtrack was so intertwined with the film, that you couldn't separate the two. Soundtrack can sometimes make or break a film.