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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ummm....okay (Part 2)

President praises Vin Diesel’s contribution to Dominican cinema. President Leonel Fernández has highlighted U.S. actor’s contribution to training Dominican movie talent, which he said was “unusual” for international celebrities.

“International celebrities don’t do what Vin Diesel does”, said Fernández who attended a graduation ceremony for students of audiovisual production sponsored by the actor’s One Race Films Foundation.Vin Diesel, who was also present at the event, rose to fame with films like Pitch Black and xXx, and helps the Dominican Republic out of “love”, said Fernández. The president added that Vin Diesel was acting in the movie “Hannibal the Conqueror”, which reflects multiculturalism, a condition that according to Fernández “only expresses itself in the Dominican Republic”. (I.W. ?!!)

From Invisible Woman: Hellooo, this is Vin Diesel we're talking about, right?


PurpleZoe said...


lmao @ the 'love' link.

You know...
Vin Deisel is fine, and I am biased as hell because of it.
I couldn't tell you whether or not his movies sucked because I'm usually not paying attention to their plots.

I tend to be on point when it comes to content, but I'd be lying if I acted as if his glorious physique and shiny bald head didn't send me out of my own orbit long enough to make me release my grasp on objectivity where he's involved.

Invisible Woman said...

LOL!!! I feel the same way about more than a few actors and singers.

Invisible Woman said...

P.S. I just looked at that "love" link-OMG haha. That came from my blogging buddy CoCo Larue at Thursday Nite Fever. If you peep his blog, you will see that he favors that sort of thing sometimes :-)

Urban Thought said...

I've seen all the movies listed. He isn't a great actor. He is an actor who picks movies that do well. I haven't seen him in anything that says 'wow what a great actor.'

Invisible Woman said...

To Urban Thought-that's for sure.

PurpleZoe said...

Unfortunately I can't argue this.
He does have decent comedic timing though, and wonderful biceps...


Invisible Woman said...

I feel the exact same about The Rock, now Dwayne Johnson, PZ!