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Sunday, July 8, 2007

5 THINGS.......

5 Things I hate about Hollywood:

1) It's complete and total refusal to recognize any other black leads besides Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and Eddie Murphy (these go for the sexy lists as well, minus Eddie)

2) Ratio of foolio black films to quality ones....still 10:1

3) Blacks still excluded from the upper echelon of studio executives and decision makers

4) Price of going to the movies is almost as much as my PG&E bill (for you non-Californians that's gas and electric)

5) Beyonce still not going away

Anything to add to the list?


hottnikz said...

This post had me dying laughing. You kind of touched on something I've been steaming about with #3. I think if we had more of us as decision makers, then they would have made the movie to one of my favorite books "The Coldest Winter Ever". Girl, Whitney Houston would have been the sh!t playing Winters' smoked out mom,lol! That script is just sitting there collecting dust...great post, I'm loving your blog. Very different.

harleyblues said...

girl your off the hook!

I was laughin my ass off!!

2."Ratio of follio black films
I love "Ice Cube"

3. quit all the fella's are in the Mudic industry or shootin hoops or throwin other kinda balls around hehehe

4. heheheh YEP!damn effin gas gonna make people sell their children!

5 ooh are you hatin on Beyonce! haha
i'm lovin me TYRA!!

man Ive been spendin way to much time readin and posting on your blog Im tailights

Im out
Harleyblues Christina

Invisible Woman said...

Welcome Harley, you're funny too.