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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Not Going Away, Apparently

From D-Listed:

Disney is apparently working on a big-screen version of their Broadway musical version of the classic story of Aida by Elton John. Disney reportedly wants Beyonce to the play the title role. The studio only wants Beyonce and if she signs on the project is a go. At this point, I have nothing to say. Hollywood and Disney fuck everything up, so why not this. Have at it!

From Invisible Woman: **sigh**


PurpleZoe said...


I really think Beyonce should take a breather.
I love her, I do, but she needs to sit for a few and recollect before she loses what makes her special.


Invisible Woman said...

I get the concept of getting your money on, but she is days away from the collective world never wanting to see her again (I'm already there). Even the original attention whore, Diana Ross, would go away and come back, and we were glad to see her.

Mrs. Grapevine said...

Oh my, that's really freaky-lookin'

PurpleZoe said...

She's been teetering on that line for a minute.
I've been turned off, but remembering that light she used to shine, I hope she'll grab a hold of her senses.
I remember talking about her needing to chill last summer and she's still at it.<----- Isn't she starting a tour called 'The Beyonce Experience, next?

Good grief.

Even her Man? talks about not plastering yourself everywhere if you want to succeed with your pr.

Her pic does look freaky Mrs. Grapevine.

Invisible Woman said...

I thought about why Jay Z doesn't drop her some serious hints, since he is the one who said that. She started her tour, and supposedly the fans aren't digging it. I don't know, the news I get on her is only in passing...I don't go looking for it haha :-)