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Monday, July 30, 2007

Milk Carton Alert

What the eff happened to The Hughes Brothers? justjudith (check out her blog) not only leaves great comments, she brought up this great question as well.

To tell the truth, I had forgotten about co-directors the Hughes Brothers (Allen and Albert), which is weird, cause they were boiling hot in the 90's. Some of their movies are black film staples; Menace II Society, Dead Presidents, American Pimp, all made while still in their 20's. They had the best gimmick of being twins, and had a huge amount of charisma. I used to see them around, and even if you didn't know who they were, you could tell they were doing something big.

They made the Jack The Ripper/Johnny Depp film "From Hell" that was hugely anticipated, then just as hugely thrashed. I loved it though; it was an interesting take on the Jack the Ripper genre, and was one of the most visually arresting films I can think of to this date. After that they seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth.

No milk carton necessary here, though. After a quick look at IMDB I see the brothers have been working it out in television. After "From Hell" I can only imagine that their disgust with the Hollywood System far and away surpassed mine. I hope they come back.


justjudith said...

gracias! mutual blog luv! and i also enjoyed from hell. and while their movies weren't my favorites, they did stretch the genre. i mean, dead presidents was not easily categorized.

Jay Wilson said...

Have you read the original Alan Moore "From Hell" story? It was pretty damned good.

Invisible Woman said...

Dead Pres. was different; very dark. @Jay...I did read that it was based on a book, but I haven't read it. I have about 100 books to read waiting for me (literally) but all I seem to be doing is reading 100 blogs a day. Darn this blogsphere!

hottnikz said...

I think the last movie I saw from them was that pimp documentary, I think it was called "American Pimp", not sure though.

Invisible Woman said...

I think that was the last one.