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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yet Another Dramatic Role For Halle Berry

Halle Berry will be starring in the upcoming "Tulia". According to Stereohyped:

Berry will portray the key attorney for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund in a case involving the 1999 arrests of 10% of the black population of Tulia, Texas. The arrests did not produce drugs or money, causing prosecutors and civil rights groups to denounce the bust as racial profiling. The undercover agent who conducted the bust was indicted for perjury; most of the 46 arrestees were pardoned by Texas Gov. Rick Perry last year. The character that Berry plays is not African American but Indian.

From Invisible Woman: *sigh* I can't even start with the Indian stuff. Let me focus instead on the fact that Hollywood continues to give this woman dramatic role after dramatic role, which is clearly not her forte. For every "Monster's Ball" (which I wish to the core Angela Bassett wouldn't have turned down) there is a "Catwoman", a "Rich Man's Wife", a "Perfect Stranger", a "Gothika", and a "Swordfish".

Not one of my faves, to be sure. I think we can all agree that she is great to look at, practically flawless, but as an actress, well, there is a lot that I could say but won't, as I don't even feel like taking the time. I think it was Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman or maybe even Robert DeNiro who said acting is "all in the eyes". It doesn't matter, cause all of those guys have it in the eyes, no question. When I look in Halle's eyes, all I can see is swirling sandstorms.


Anonymous said...

"Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman or maybe even Robert DeNiro" are all men and the standard is different. Name the female counterpart (status and popularity) to these men. The public won't accept a female lead that has "character".

Invisible Woman said...

I see your point, but I disagree. It's a man's world, yes, but Meryl Streep, Angela Bassett, Helen Mirren and Thandie Newton are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head, all respected, well-known, and decently paid. And all, imo, better actresses than Halle Berry. Even Julia Roberts got to me in Erin Brockavich.

PurpleZoe said...

I have to agree.
Halle's forte isn't drama.
I've grown to dig Halle over the years, but was never one that was overly hyped about her. I've also just recently come to find her striking. She grows more gorgeous with age.
Previously I thought there was a little hype going on with the Halle craze. She has always had a fabulous body however.

Jay Wilson said...

So Halle's playing an Indian? Hmmm....Will there be outrage over an Indian losing a meaty acting role to a Black?

hottnikz said...

I agree with you about Halle but I'm glad that Angela Bassett turned down Monster's Ball. It was horrible seeing Halle in the love scene with that trifling looking Billy Bob Thornton, I couldn't see Angela going through with that. Billy Bob looks unclean, and noooo Oscar is worth that, lol!

Invisible Woman said...

@Jay...the verdict isn't out on whether they are making the character Black or Indian, plus it's in pre pre-production. That might account for some silence. you are funny. I couldn't imagine it either, and it was also one of the main resaons she turned it down. But I think if she would have done that scene with Billy, it would have been done differently. Less desperate and a lot less painful to watch, for starters.

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

@hottnikz..I agree w/u 100%. I'm not going to be detailed but,the Billy Bob Thornton love scene(did I say 'love scene ..yuk) is one of the reasons I have yet to view Monster's Ball nor do I have any plans ever to watch it.

Wanda said...

yea that love scene is truly the only reason I have seen that movie one time. I even one it on DVD some years ago and have yet to open the box lol.

Invisible Woman said...

I guess nobody's feelin' that love scene lol!

Joe said...

I just had to comment that you were right, my blog photo does resemble this Halle picture! Quite the odd coincidence :P I think your blog is great, keep up the great articles! -Joe Midway (

Anonymous said...

Hi, (wandered over from UBM)... I think she lacks discipline, emotionally she tends to lose control and get sloppy, but she is interesting sometimes--I remember liking her in Bulworth. I suspect she may do better work when she's older. She will have to overcome what can only be called bad taste in picking roles, however!
Enjoying your writing, thanks!

PurpleZoe said...

The love scene was painful. I don't think it evoked anything but the urge to turn one's head, seriously. I don't think Billy Bob is a terrible looking European, but Halle didn't seem like her character was present for the scene...It was over the top and well... not cute.

I too am glad that Angela didn't take the part. Angela has Queen vibes. That role wouldn't have fit her in my humble opinion.

Invisible Woman said...

Hi Renee, glad you're here...hope you come by often :-) I love UBM's blog. Bad taste is for real...I wonder if she would do well with a good script, even when she's older.

@PZ That's exactly why I think she should have done it. It would have made her more interesting, stretch out a bit. I think that scene would have also been very different if Angela did it, as well as the rest of the film.