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Saturday, July 28, 2007


Bask in the glory of the ghetto "Rocky". I present to you...."Penitentiary".


justjudith said...

wow. i'm at a loss for words. and i think i watched it on cable in the 80's at some point. wow...and porky from porky's was in this gem as well. whew...

Invisible Woman said...

Porky? Really? You know who else was in it was Tony Cox, the "little person" (or whatever is PC) in Who's Your Caddy? I wonder how old he was, or is now.

justjudith said...

porky was the hefty prison guard that promised the men an hour in a trailer. you're good -- i didn't know his name was tony cox. according to imdb he was born in '58. gotta give him credit -- he works!

afro jamaicano said...

it's like "rocky", "Westside story" and "what's happening" all rolled into one haha

Invisible Woman said...

Boy, no you didn't say "What's Happening"..but it's true!