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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Milk Carton Alert

What the eff happened to Leon Isaac Kennedy? Dude was large in the 80's, the era of the lightskin-ded, "good hair" dudes. He was famous for playing Too Sweet in Penitentiary One, Two, and Three (a true thespian, as you can tell) but hasn't made a movie since 1987 (Penitentiary 3). At first I thought he might be dead from crack (he seemed like that type), but when I looked him up, he did a commentary on a Jim Brown film in 2000.

All I really remember about Leon are isolated, suspect things. I remember he walked around like that negro you know who thinks he's God's gift, but doesn't know how ridiculous he is. I remember how he ran one of the most beautiful women in the world (albeit not very bright) Jayne Kennedy, into the ground. And all I remember from those Oscar caliber Penitentiary movies was one scene. Ernie Hudson, with missing teeth (?!) played this character called Half-Dead in one of them. He got mad at his girlfriend and smashed and smeared potato salad all into her face, then proceeded to lick it off and have sex with her. Even though I was pretty young at the time, I knew there was something very wrong with that, to say the least....put Leon on a milk carton!


hottnikz said...

He is friends with Smokie Robinson and I think he is partner in his food product line. He is also very religious now and has a show on an inspirational cable channel. I think I read somewhere that he's also friends with Clifton Davis who is also religious now.

Invisible Woman said...

Thanks so much for that I feel kinda sh__tty for what I said. He fits right in with that crew though. Men like that usually self-destruct or find religion...I'm glad it was the latter and not the former.

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

I sat and watched his gospel show waiting for him to ask for a donation. He didn't. Figured if Jayne Kennedy could forgive him, who am I. I wish him the best.

Invisible Woman said...

You know, I thought the same thing. I said "He's probably scamming for donations". Wow, I guess he's really changed...I'm happy for him.