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Friday, August 3, 2007

American Pimp

Talking about the Hughes Brothers the other day made me remember this film. It's a take of pimps breaking down the game....pimping seems to be a blurred line of fantasy and reality, but in reality, these dudes are clearly on one side of the fence or the other--there's nothing blurry about it.

Need I say there's some raunchy talk going on?


Luscious Librarian said...

I actually quote this film on a regular basis. lol. Whenever something is really hard to explain I hit them with the

"I'ts like trying to explain astrophysics to a whino".


CapCity said...

I just want to know - is Hugh Hefner a pimp?

Invisible Woman said...

Hi L.L.--good quote! @cc: yeah, I think Hugh's a pimp, but he's a "white collar" one, so he keeps it low-key and lucrative....