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Friday, August 3, 2007

You Were Expecting Greek Tragedy?

Saw this on my fellow blog buddy "for colored girls" blog:

Chinese officials have reportedly expressed concerns about scenes involving Chinese gangsters in Jackie Chan's new action police comedy Rush Hour 3, casting doubt on the movie's release in the country.

Variety magazine said on its Asia website that Chinese officials believe Rush Hour 3, which features Chan and Chris Tucker combating Chinese gangsters in Paris, is "fundamentally anti-Chinese."

The Rush Hour series revolves around the racial humour derived from the pairing of a Chinese (Chan) and black American (Tucker) police officer.

China's Film Bureau often asks foreign filmmakers to edit scenes they consider offensive. Censors recently cut scenes of Chow Yun-fat depicted as a bald, scarred pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, saying the images insulted China's people, state media reported.
The Chinese government carefully screens foreign media content and allows in only about 20 foreign films a year.

Variety said Chinese officials won't offer filmmakers a chance to edit Rush Hour 3.

From I.W.: Ummm...hello? Are they really that out of it in China? All the signs were there months ago:

-Loud, obnoxious trailer--check

-Brett Ratner, one of the kings of Hollywood excess, directing--check

-Chris Tucker's warmed over coonery** shtick--check

-Co-starring Oscar caliber (not) actor Jackie Chan--check

-Third sequel of a franchise that was fine left alone at the first one--check

You don't need to exactly hire Sherlock Holmes to figure out it might not be suitable for Communist China. Why even bother to make it an issue?

**thanks yobachi


Yobachi said...

LOL, I see you found a way to work in warmed-over coonery.

You should check out my comments on Talk To Me and Who's Your Caddy

Anonymous said...

I thought Tucker was funny and enjoyed both Rush Hours

Invisible Woman said...

You know what? I love Chris Tucker. And you know what else? I liked both Rush Hours....maybe I should withold my judgement, but this one looks bloated, repetitive, and unecessary, and the fact that Brett Ratner is behind it doesn't inspire confindence, as he seems to be on his own agenda these day. I just think it's time for Chris to try something else and stretch out a bit. When I say warmed over coonery, I was saying the same ol same ol from the other two Rush Hours.

Thembi said...

When I saw the commercial for the movie where Chris Tucker says something like "You're speaking French!? You're Asian, stop humiliatin yourself!" I bust a serious gut, and I dont remember either Rush Hour. He walks the line between gratuitous coonery and black comedy but comes out cool with me in the end.

Invisible Woman said...

You should see the first 2 before seeing the 3rd, and you may feel differently. I ain't gonna lie tho, I'm will be in line with everybody else opening weekend!