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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cocoa Colored News....

Blogger was down for quite some time this morning, so I don't have time to post what I wanted to this morning (still preparing for North Carolina), so I'll leave you with news from the fabulous Cocoa! :-)

Cocoa Loungers are always wondering what's next from their favorite actresses. Here's a look at films that have been announced or already in production with Black Hollywood's A-List Scene-Stealers:

Kerry Washington joins Mos Def and Alfre Woodard in Bury Me Standing.

Gabrielle Union and Morris Chestnut are together again for Perfect Christmas. And the busy actress is also in production on sci-fi comedy, Starship Dave, with Eddie Murphy.

Paula Patton co-stars with heavyweights Kevin Costner and Kelsey Grammer in comedy, Swing Vote.

Kimberly Elise re-teams with Denzel Washington for Oprah Winfrey-produced and Suzan-Lori Parks-penned, The Great Debaters.

Zoe Saldana gets bionic in the film version of adventure-hit, Avatar.

Pirate of the Caribbean's, Naomie Harris, joins Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker in The Night Watchman.

And Thandie Newton teams with Cocoa Lounge favorite, Idris Elba, and Gerard Butler for the Dramedy, RocknRolla.

From I.W.: Oh snap, I didn't know "The Great Debaters" was written by Suzan Lori-Parks. She wrote that play I saw with Mos Def in it on Broadway, that my early morning brain can't think of the name of right now. Now I feel bad for dissing it in a previous post. This film with Paula Patton sounds OK, but I can't wait to see the one where she is gonna play a pimp.
ps: Is Zoe Saldana black? Everything I've read says she not, but she's always on these black lists....


wanda said...

she's blatino! lol
her parents are dominican, so i guess she can be on both lists.

Invisible Woman said...

Ooooh. OK

Danielle said...

Love your site! You are alot of fun to read. Yes Zoe is a Latina of African descent. You know the slave ships stopped everywhere. LOL! Black is her race and Latina is her ethnicity like all of us are American and Black @ the same time.

Invisible Woman said...

@danielle: thanks for the love...and you're right, when I lived in West New York, New Jersey, everyone automatically assumed I was Spanish, usually Dominican or Cuban (?)

PurpleZoe said...

They're so lovely. I love Cocoa Lounge.

Invisible Woman said...

Me too, PZ