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Monday, August 13, 2007

For All of The Sexy Black Cinema Lovers Out There...

I wanted to post this email in it's entirety....I hope it ok for the author. It feels great to me that there are so many like-minded folks on the blogosphere in regards to Black Cinema, and since they are all over the country and different parts of the world, it would be nice to have a few consistent spots to come to. I hope I will be one, and I hope this will be another (I love the DuBois aspect):

Greetings and salutations Invisible Woman of the invisible cinema blogspot.

I host a bi-weekly podcast on black cinema called The Obenson Report, and I’m simply trying to create a circle of like minds, in an effort to build and sustain some kind of a contemporary black cinema movement.

On my last podcast recording, I pontificated on the notion of creating a contemporary black film movement, and talked about my supposed *radical* ideas for building a black owned & operated film financing, production and distribution Studio - my idea of a "Capable Tenth," loosely borrowing from DuBois's eventually abandoned “Talented Tenth” ideology. I also mention creating something I’m calling the "It Takes A Village" black cinema project.

Take a listen at your leisure, and more importantly, as I said, I’m hoping to connect with other people of African descent who think as I do, specifically about black film, and maybe we can all make some collective noise that will bring about some change, and see some of our ideas grow and flourish.

You can listen to previous episodes of my podcast here: For the specific recording where I talk about the above movement and studio, select Episode 8, dated 8/6/2007. Or you can also find the podcast on iTunes to listen to on your iPod or other MP3 device; OR, you can find me on MySpace at; or my website,

Cheers and I love your blogspot.


Tambay A Obenson


tobenson said...

Thanks very much for the mention.

I'll be in touch.



Invisible Woman said...

I'll be coming through this week; it's been a hectic one for me...