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Monday, August 13, 2007


I liked Undercover Black Man's post on Rush Hour's a pretty simple and accurate wrap-up:

What’s the use of hating on Chris Tucker? He does what he does, the fans apparently want to see it, rich white people get richer, and Chris gets paidz too. That’s called a “free market.” It’s also called “the Death of Meaning.”

Why does watching him make me feel empty inside?

I saw “Rush Hour 3” on Friday. I had enjoyed the second one and never watched the first. This new one earned $50 million at the box office – less than the opening weekend for “2,” but still a hit.

Chris Tucker brings nothing fresh to the game. He is so limited in what he can do to make you smile or laugh, I guess it’s good he doesn’t make more movies. Because I’m about done.

Here is his repertoire of moves:
1.) The Motor-Mouth

2.) The Horny Guy

3.) Funny/Bad Singing

4.) Funny Dancing

5.) Funny/Bad Kung Fu

6.) Funny Faces

7.) nothing else

'But Dave, isn’t all of that stuff enough? You heard the people laughing, didn’t you?' I heard the KIDS laughing. This is entertainment for sugar-addicted juveniles who demand only that their senses be stimulated for a while.

I wish Chris Tucker had the soul of an artist. I wish he were interested in a deeper level of storytelling. But, hey, he’s only 34. Maybe it’s coming.

As for “Rush Hour 3,” there are two good things in it. French actor Yvan Attal is funny as a Parisian cab driver. And the big action set piece at the Eiffel Tower is well-designed and well-executed by director Brett Ratner.

I just want more for my money, that’s all.

From I.W.: Amen.


LaJane Galt said...

who can listen to that high-pitched, screech for 2 hours?? Coonery at its finest!

Invisible Woman said...

Uh oh. I would like to hear what other people thought as well...

Tony said...

I'm sorry but ever since Chris Tucker played Ruby Rhod in The Fifth Element I can only see the irritating, screechy Rudy in every character he plays. He's become a parody of himself.

Invisible Woman said...

He's more manly now, but still seems to irritate most people, haha