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Sunday, August 12, 2007

New South African Movie

One of my fellow bloggers Ohmyword, who has a blog by the same name, Ohmyword (extremely witty), sent this over to me:

"By the way - I have a gig now - doing the online marketing, blogging, community building for a new South African film. It's controversial - dark and horribly funny, about poor white trash in Triomf. During apartheid the govt "rehoused" 60,000 blacks from a town called Sophiatown, renamed the town Triomf, and put poor white people there. Now it's a slum, the people are inbred. Anyway - check out the blog if you can: Lemme know what you think."

I looked at the blog, and think it's important to put out the info. I'm ashamed to say that I'm not as up on Africa as I should be, and this site has some wonderful pictures and insights about the daily life of a certain class of South Africans, as well as a blow by blow perspective of making a film at a grassroots level. I support them 100% in their ambitions.

Above is the picture of two of the South African production team....dude is pretty easy on the eyes :-)


OMYWORD! said...

Thanks so much for the post my dear, and for getting the word out!

Invisible Woman said...

I hope it does well; check back in when it's ready to be released or has won any awards :-)