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Sunday, August 12, 2007

No Rushie Rushie For Me

I'm gonna try to post today....the girlfriend that I'm staying with in L.A. has dial-up (?!) and the weak wireless signal that I can pick up now and again seems to be transmitted from Mars. You would think I was in Wyoming instead of the City Of Angels....

Anyhoo, we were debating on whether or not to see a matinee of "Rush Hour 3", and I seriously could not force myself to go. I just felt like it would be a waste of two hours of my life (sorry Chris). For my favorite movie reviewer's critique, brother Wesley Morris, click here.

I opted instead to rewatch Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket" on DVD, and since this is a black film site, I won't really elaborate, but Kubrick's visuals are always seriously genius. I can't really think of anybody who can f--k with him--every frame is like a beautiful photograph in his movies. And oh yeah, I will never be able to hear the line "me so horny--me love you long time" or "me suckee suckee" without lmbao again.

If anyone sees "Rush Hour 3" this weekend, please let me know what you thought.


Paula D. said...

I am right with you on this one! I just could not buy the ticket for this movie. I did even worse by going to see Stardust.....why!!!! I am a fantasy/sci-fi fanatic so I had to check it out. A mess!

Invisible Woman said...

Honestly I would be hard pressed between those two, but since you are such a funny person and decided not to see "RH3" means a lot...I would be interested to see how it does in it's second week.

PurpleZoe said...

My son made me do it.
It was bad. Very very bad.
Chris lost his magic long ago and comes off cheaply. The connection between Chris and Jackie isn't there. The scene with the nun was corny. Very disappointing.

Invisible Woman said...

Wow...that's really sad to hear. Guess I'll wait for it to come to HBO...sounds like it's not even worth renting, unfortunately.