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Monday, August 20, 2007

Get Thee To The Lacefront Store, Stat

There is this blog that I'm sure a lot of you readers know about out there called Crunk & Disorderly. The blogger "Fresh" is sometimes wickedly funny...she had this to say about Vivica Fox....remember she said it, not me.

I'm just sayin:

I have one autographed copy of 'Blankman' and a lifetime supply of toothpicks for the first person who can locate Aunt Viv's hairline.


Shelia said...

Po' thang must be going blind too, or else why would she grease the top bald part, braid the back and leave home? Scary.

afro jamaicano said...

im not hating on aunt viv, i jus think we need to find her hairline first, then take if from there. i say it's about mid-scalp line buh hey im no expert. let's jus pray somebody annoints her head w/ exotic oils and makes that shih look normal again....

Shai said...

I think lacefronts would take out the "baby hair" left at her forehead. She needs to give a rest on the sewing and the glue. Get it braided and wear a protective cap under the wig until her hairline fills in. It is ashamed, to have access to all that money and still lose your hair.

Invisible Woman said...

Agreed with everyone. I know that hairline is really a victim of the lacefront, tho....that glue is the devil, lol.