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Monday, August 6, 2007

I Heart Morgan Freeman....

Ok, ok....some folks made fun of my crush on Morgan Freeman...and after viewing his birthdate today (1937) admittedly he is a bit "mature". But I started crushing on him when he could still pass for being in his 30's, in a film called "Street Smart".

He was the co-lead in this film with Christopher Reeve, who was practically a non-entity in it. This was Morgan's film. This is the plot synopsis:

Stuck for a story idea that will excite his dismissive editor, New York magazine reporter Christopher Reeve hits on a winner: the life of a Manhattan pimp. The editor eats it up, but there's just one problem: Reeve made the whole thing up, and now the editor wants more. What's worse, a scarily charismatic pimp (Morgan Freeman) and one of his top prostitutes come looking for the reporter, believing that he was, in fact, writing about them. As they seduce him with access to their world, he becomes more and more trapped by his lies, particularly when a crusading D.A. also takes an interest in just what he knows.

This is one of my favorite films, period. Not only does it have a sexy storyline, Morgan played the s--t out of his role. For most of the film he was crazy charming, gold tooth and all, but disturbingly menacing at the same time. You couldn't really tell what he was capable of, but you knew it wasn't good. He was the type of pimp you have seen around, and not the "Hollywood" type of pimp. Yes, he had a Cadillac, but not the kind that was purple with gold rims and such, but one your grandfather might drive on Sundays. He wasn't wearing tight polyester jumpsuits, but jeans and sweat shirts. And his "stable" was everyday women who were either too dumb or had too little self-esteem to do anything else. Think Hustle and Flow" but with a smarter pimp.

Trivia: Thelma from "Amen" who also played Dee the security guard on "The Wayans Brothers" played his bottom b__ch in this flick. Morgan was also very deservedly nominated for an Academy Award for this role, but did not win, which was probably the beginning of my disillusionment with award shows.


PurpleZoe said...

Morgan Freeman is fine, mature or not. I stated crushing on him only a few years back.
He still has swagger, and could talk me out of my panties most likely in a way most younger brothahs could not (not a chic particularly flattered by the misogynist approach that has seemed to grow in popularity)...

Age means nothing on this one.
I don't usually date older men, but this is beyond being a matter of exception.

PurpleZoe said...

oops... That was supposed to say: I started crushing on him a few years back... Typos...

Jay Wilson said...

Invisible Woman said...

@PZ: I'm usually not into the older ones either, and even Sidney Poitier is now too long in the tooth, so that only leaves Morgan!

@Jay: I'm posting this hot mess today, haha!

Tayo said...

Morgan Freeman from Shawshank Redemption... *sigh*

(BTW - Why does it seem like I'm stalking only the Morgan Freeman posts?)

Invisible Woman said...

@Tayo: You are a woman of fine taste, that's why...haha