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Monday, August 6, 2007

Mike Vick Part Two?

I am not, and never have been, a fan of certain types of dogs. Namely dogs that would do something like this:

A caretaker who was found dead Friday on Ving Rhames' Brentwood property after being mauled by the actor's dogs may not have died from the wounds he suffered in the attack, Los Angeles authorities say.

The 40-year-old man, who Los Angeles County coroner's officials identified as Jacob Adams, was covered in dog bites, according to police, but it could have been a heart attack or other medical condition that actually killed him.

"There's no doubt he was attacked by the dogs," said Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Ray Lombardo. "Whether or not the coroner can determine that the mauling actually caused the death, or the mauling contributed to him having a heart attack, that's a decision the coroner will have to determine."

Police said that they spied at least six dogs on the property when they arrived, but that only four—three bullmastiffs and an English bulldog—were running loose.

At least two of those four dogs were said to be involved in the attack. All four were removed from the Brentwood residence Friday by animal control and are currently being held in quarantine, pending an investigation. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday, after which the authorities will decide what happens to the dogs.

The victim, who according to police lived on Rhames' property and had worked for the Pulp Fiction star for two years, was found at about 7:15 a.m. in the estate's gated front yard. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

Authorities say that the attack occurred sometime overnight. It looked as if the attack began on the east side of the property and that the caretaker managed to run to the front yard and close a gate behind him before collapsing on the front lawn.

From I.W.: That man was truly a caretaker to the end, on death's door and took the time to close the gate. I don't understand why people keep these types of dogs in a residential situation...give me my sweet Teacup Yorkie any day...if she bites the most that would happen is someone saying "awww isn't that cute?"


PurpleZoe said...

This is so unfortunate.
Out of respect for Mr. Adams, at the very least, the dogs need to go.
I also have trouble comprehending the attraction to animals with lethal potential.

What's the deal with dog incidents and black men lately?

hottnikz said...

I'm not going to be so quick to rush to judgment on this one. They already have Mike Vick tried and convicted. One report says mauling, and another says the dog bites were superficial. Hopefully Vings dogs didn't kill this man.

Jay Wilson said...

There doesn't seem to be anything to judge here...freak accident.

Invisible Woman said...

@PZ It must be completely a man thing, cause I don't get the attraction to these dogs for a second. @hotnikz and Jay...I'm not judging either, I just think it's tragic, and maybe this will send a message to folks to consider other breeds for pets.