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Monday, August 6, 2007

New Film About "Urban" Gays

Hey y'all...I know I haven't really posted the past couple of days (limoncello martinis and friends are gifts from God-haha), but I'm back on track. I have not read this book, but it supposedly sparked the initial national discussion on hip-hop gay brothers. From Black Talent News:

Filmmaker Maurice Jamal ("Dirty Laundry," "The Ski Trip") and author James Earl Hardy ("B-Boy Blues" Series, "The Second Time Around") have announced that the acclaimed first novel in the "B-Boy Blues" series "B-Boy Blues," is headed for the silver screen.

James Earl Hardy, Author of the B-Boys Blues series. Scheduled to begin shooting this fall in Brooklyn, New York, the film will be directed by Maurice Jamal, produced by Carol Ann Shine ("Noah's Arc") and executive produced by Neil R. Lowe, for Phoenix Communications.
Director Maurice Jamal. The critically acclaimed "B-Boy Blues" series is an international best seller that is credited with starting a national discussion about urban gay life. After five sequels, the series has earned millions of readers and adoring fans of a sexual orientations.

"B-Boy Blues" follows the life and misadventures of Mitchell Crawford, a young, smart, magazine writer who has a great career but is unlucky in love. One day a 21-year-old bike messenger named Rahiem walks through the door, and neither his nor Mitchell's life will ever be the same.

Casting for "B-Boy Blues" is currently underway in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. For more information, please visit

From I.W.: I live in San Francisco, so the subject matter isn't that salacious here, but I wonder what type of audience they'll receive at the box office?

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