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Friday, August 31, 2007

OK, Which One Is It, Sex or No Sex?

I think I've been posting a bit much about Terrance Howard lately because I am fascinated with his seeming complete and utter inability to shut the f**k up. At a point in his career where he can just cruise from here on out, he seems hellbent on making himself look like a total idiot and losing his female fan base. Last week it was no premarital sex for him, this week a complete 180 degree turn. From Starpulse via Stereohyped:

Sex Rules Keep Terrence Howard From Being A Jehovah's Witness

Terrence Howard is still hoping to become a Jehovah's Witness - once he can control his sexual urges. The star studied to become a Jehovah's Witness when he was a teenager but turned his back on the church when he realized he'd have to give up sex until he was married.
He says, "That's where I had my troubles."

But newly-single Howard, who split with his latest girlfriend in July, hasn't given up on the religion, adding, "I'm still working hard at that one. I'll be a Witness one day, as soon as I can discipline myself in that area."


wanda said...

lol. girl you have to let Terrance go. just set him free! lmao.

Terrance need to just SIT DOWN. Reminds me of people who tell me they can't be muslim cause they like chitlin's. hehe

Invisible Woman said...

lol. I know girl. Thanks for the intervention...

KIKI said...

Wow! I'm so out of the loop. I thought Terrance was married! Remember the BET Awards (at least I think thats what it was) when Destiny's Child performed "Cater to You" & B gave Terrance that lap-dance and the rumors were that the then Mrs. Howard wanted to whupp her butt cause Terrance was looking at her like all he needed was a biscuit to sopp her up?!

Anywoo, if he ain't got it right by now, he needs to just move on & like you said...shut the f*ck up.

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

"I am fascinated with his seeming complete and utter inability to shut the f**k up"
Let him go?
Matter of fact you need a special label for him 'WTF Did Terrance say today?' Put his butt on blast on a daily....
Why you ask?
Watch how he responds to questions. He answers slow and deliberate.
So IMO, he knows exactly how stupid he sounds. Like my mother says 'that child makes my behind ache'
I just want to smack him. Betcha, that will help him stick to what he says instead of flip floppin all up and thru'....

The All Seeing Eye said...

Can't wait to see Terrence Howard in the new Iron Man movie. He is great actor.

Glendell-The Art Master said...

Terrence is full of you know what - pass over that, though. Dog is down though, his saving grace: being in my baby ASHANTI's video. It blew-up, and the rest is history. Go on and talk your sh*t, Terrence.

Invisible Woman said...

You guys are TOO funny! I can't help it; I think I'm addicted....I just have to post about Terrence today (Sunday). Thanks coloredgirls for backing me up :-)

Keli said...

I did not believe the "No sex" comment at all. T Howard looks like he's the P.E.K.

Invisible Woman said...

Forgive my ignorance...what's a PEK? I know I'll feel stupid once I know, it's probably something really obvious.

Anonymous said...

Wanda just what the hell do you mean Muslims like children???!

Stupid idiot, educate yourself!