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Friday, August 17, 2007


Tracy Morgan showing up to court the other day. I hate to say it, but my man looks like he needs a drink.


justjudith said...'s not his best look. man, how about a suit for court? i guess we're lucky he has his shirt on.

AJ said...

he is looking pretty "to up"

Yobachi said...

Needs a drink???

Looks like he's already had a few too many!

Invisible Woman said...

@JJ you are SO funny! But you're right @aj and yobachi...I'm sure he had something, but whatever it was, my man still looks stressed as h--l. If he had a couple of limoncello martinis he'd be looking a lot less pressed, trust :-)

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

yobachi took the words outta my mouth. Ditto!

@IW, what are the ingredients in a limoncello martini this isn't the first time I've heard you mention this drink. Just curious.

Invisible Woman said...

Limoncello martinis are chilled Italian limoncello liqueur and vodka, in my world preferably Grey Goose. Some people add sugar, but I don't. However you make it, I still think Tracy can use one; he looks a hot mess.

Jay Wilson said...

It's well known within the comedy circuit that Tracey is a raging alchie with a massive ego. The last thing he needs is booze to set him off.

Invisible Woman said...

@ Jay....I know that rep...that's why I came in with "I hate to say it" :-)