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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Blockbuster Black Movie Section Film Review

These guys have obviously seen a few of the bootleg films in my last post; this ish is hilarious...kind of a pseudo-ivy league version of Damon Wayans' "Men on Film". Thanks tobenson aka TAO.

(P.S.: read the credits at the end, too)


jon said...

this was hilarious!! :) i love it!! :D it was really clever!!

RichBoi88 said...

thank u very much for the compliment...i'm linkin u back!! great blog!!!

Glendell-The Art Master said...

Blockbuster has a black film section - since when? Maybe I should take that back, at least they stock some of our films. I just never saw their black film section and certainly no reviews. Excuse me.

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

Don't be so quick to knock these movies. I have used Soul Plane to rid my house of uninvited company more than once. Now, with Ski Trippin' they won't know what hit them.
Question (s)
1. Is Stoney Jackson still alive?

2. If yes. Does he still sport a Jheri Curl?

wanda said...


That was so funny. "It makes you think." lmao

Invisible Woman said...

@jon and wanda...I thought this was soooo funny-these guys have more at a blog called "This Just In" @Glendell-I'm sure these guys were kidding around about that section; I've never seen one either @coloredgirls: W/Ski Trippin' playin at your house, you might not have a friend left soon, haha. I saw Stoney on some TV show a couple years back (don't remember what), and no Jheri Curl, but the hair was definitely chemically induced. Think he might warrent a milk carton alert this week.