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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Damn, Why Him?

Saw this on one of my superhero's sites, Supernegro:

A cinematic tribute to the late, great Arthur Ashe has been a long time a-comin', but it looks like a biopic about the iconic tennis star is the works courtesy of Will Smith who will not star, but serve as producer. So who's signed to play the role? The human annoyance that is Nick Canon. Filmwad got the scoop on the movie from MTV News:

"[These] types of films take a while to get prepared,” explained Cannon, who said previously that the script deals with Ashe’s tennis heyday and stops short of exploring his final years.

Can you say Hollywood cop out? Arthur Ashe contracting the HIV virus and dying from AIDS is an important part of the star's life, as in his death he - along with Rock Hudson and Magic Johnson - helped push the serious of the disease to the national forefront. Regardless, I still don't think Nick has the acting chops to pull this off; outside of a decent performance in Bobby, I haven't seen him excel as a character that wasn't a cocky sum'bitch. Ashe was a classy champion, so if Nick's interpretation involves moonwalking after winning the U.S. Open, well, fuck that. - Jay Wilson

From I.W.: Let me say that I loved, loved, loved, Arthur Ashe and everything he stood for. He was an amazing tennis player, an articulate, intelligent, thoughtful human being, and an activist. In general, just a true credit to our community. In all fairness, after seeing "Bobby", Nick might (heavy emphasis on that word) be able to handle the role, but only if it isn't written like a TV movie-of-the-week, and the production values are sky high.

I agree with Jay tho...I was really saddened when Arthur passed, as were millions of others. You could tell how much his wife truly loved him. His battle with AIDS had become just as important to him as his tennis career, so it is doing him, his family, his fans, as well as those who don't know much about him a huge discredit not to show that part of his life. Without that part, this movie better be the s__t.

I'd like to know what Shelia of Black Tennis Pro's (a very cool blog btw) makes of all this.....


Thembi said...

The answer to why him:

Who else (would ever get financing)?

Jennifer said...


Invisible Woman said...

@jennifer lol :-) @thembi: if there was a no name, I think it would be a money maker if the script is right...Will Smith is producing, so that's instant financing for any studio....