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Monday, September 3, 2007

His Buck Eyes Will Live On Forever....

While perusing a blog I co-author "Bonez", I came upon a full length feature showing called "King Of The Zombies" (1941). I love zombie movies, so I checked it out for a while and saw that it starred "Mantan".

Now, I'd seen this dude in old movies before but never knew his name. I always thought he was two degrees from Step N Fetchit, cause let's face it, nobody could beat Step at the tomcoonery. But was it the partial subject and namesake of the main character of "Bamboozled" (a film that I try my very best to forget)?

It had to be...who else could Spike be talking about? What he was doing in a voodoo zombie movie set in the Caribbean, where every single person that lived there was white (?!) except for the scary people and the zombies, we'll never know, as I'm sure he is long gone by now. But I guess zombies need stereotypical comic relief too, and good work was hard to find then.

If you want to see the movie, click here.

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