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Monday, September 3, 2007

Avon Barksdale Alive And Well On Film...

Received this in my email yesterday; you know I have to post if anyone from "The Wire" is involved, and I admire Esther Rolle. I definitely want to check this out:


Please check out hit and acclaimed filmmaker Rel Dowdell's (writer/director of Sony's hit film "Train Ride") updated website to see a great pic of Rel with 2007 Best Actor Oscar Winner Forest Whitaker ("Last King of Scotland").

Rel Dowdell's "Train Ride" was called "one of the best American films of 2005" by esteemed 30 year veteran film critic Gerald Peary. That's very rare praise for the African-American film/filmmaker, especially nowadays. Check out the excellent review and commentary below. "Train Ride" has become one of the most successful African-American films ever made, staying on the best selling African-American films for over 2 years now. Mr. Peary also mentioned the tremendous and priceless sacrifice that the late, great, Emmy award winning actress Esther Rolle made to be in his film, an honor that can never be imitated or duplicated.

"Train Ride" also stars an electric Wood Harris (from the HBO series "The Wire") and female rap pioneer M.C. Lyte. "Train Ride" also recently received very high praise in noted film historian Irv Slifkin's nationally best selling book, "Filmadelphia: A Celebration of a City's Movies."

Thanks for listening!


Villager said...

I hadn't heard of 'Train Ride' before. I'll head over to Netflix and add it to my queue.

I just finished watching Season 2 of The Wire. I'll get the first CD from Season 3 of The Wire when I go to the mailbox in the morning. I understand that Avon is back in the mix again in Season 3.

peace, Villager

Invisible Woman said...

I was waaay on the late train with The Wire...just began late last year. The guy at my local video store kept recommending it, but for some reason I wasn't was then made available on Comcast Demand, so of course I watched it for free. I didn't even care for the first episode, and was about to write it off when there was a surprising twist in the last 5 minutes. I was moved and impressed.

For the next week I was holed up watching every episode of The Wire I could get my hands on!

Mrs. Grapevine said...

See how late I am, I got that same e-mail and was going to forward it to you. Sorry, but I'm glad you got it anyway.

I love indies, so this should be good.