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Monday, September 3, 2007

Tagged Again....

This time by a blogger that I highly respect named Villager of Electronic Village. He presents it this way:

Theo Johnson is the creative genius behind the Now That is What I'm Talking About blog. He tagged me with a meme on goals back in April 2007. The original meme was started by Alex Shalman. It has taken over five months ... but, the rhinos in my Electronic Village have elephant-like tendencies ... we never forget! My goals are actually quite simple at this stage of life. (I.W. : To see Villager's goals click here):

Anyhow, I get to tag others now. My choices are:

As we used to say when we were kids ... TAG YOU'RE IT!

From I.W.: Oh boy...where do I begin? First let me say I am honored to be in the same pool as these great thinkers, and second of all, do I start with my ridiculous goals of marrying The Rock, or being as rich as Oprah (I kid, I kid! Well, maybe just a little), or with my ultimate goal of getting a Ph.D one day, even though I'm as far away from it as you can get?

I guess I'll keep it simple.

1. Like Villager, I hope to be completely financially independent within a year. And I mean lottery-type rich. Yeah, that's a great one....I like it.

2. I am in North Carolina in part to begin and invest in a business that I believe in very much. I want it to blow up like Nagasaki, but I believe it will anyway, as it is a service and product that is much in demand....I just want it to become amazingly prosperous with an equal amount of peace.

3. To have all of my relationships-business, personal, associate, family, and blogger, be fruitful, positive, fun, and blessed. I can't say I'm dealing with anything negative at all right now; I just want everyone in my life to shine and gleam like the sun :-)

4. And of course, have my blog be a huge gathering place not only for Black Cinema, but anyone who loves art, culture, thinkers, healing my brothers and sisters in the community, and fun. I am going to generate some advertising as well.

Anyway, I hope I have all y'alls thoughts and blessings on these goals!

btw, the picture above is supposed to be children in Uganda playing tag, tho it looks like something else to me


Villager said...

Name it and claim it young sista! I'm enjoying the vibe of your blog and I'm sure that everything else will come in time. Are you actively working to monetize your blog?

peace, Villager

Keli said...

I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Saladin said...

Folks -

Sorry to freeload internet education, but I wonder if you all can explain something to me: what does "tagging" mean when it comes to blogs? All of my poking around on google and wikipedia is not giving me an answer. I'm praticulalry curious because some guy named "Redneck Unlimited" (in a post entitled "American Arab Treason" no less) told his readers "tag this guy then flame him!" It didn't work, since no one apparently reads his blog, and i know what flaming is, but tagging is clearly something that, when not associated with flaming is positive, right?

Again, sorry for wasting space on this, but anyone who can take a minute to educate an blogging newbie, I'd appreciate it. Peace!

Invisible Woman said...

Thank you Keli :-) @ Villager, thank you monetizing yet, I'm kinda waitin' on the big dogs to contact me...@Saladin: LOL!!! You are too funny-tagging just means someone chose you, very simply. And anything that has to do with "flaming" and "tagging" at the same time I want absolutely no part of, haha.

justjudith said...

good luck with all of your endeavors. and if you get the rock, BONUS! he is fine.

Mrs. Grapevine said...

I guess invisible-woman will remain invisible. I revealed my identity, so when will you reveal yours. I guess you can't, then you'll have to change your blog to visible-woman. :)

Invisible Woman said...

Thanks JJ :-) @Mrs. GV: Like I told Lisa, if you are at the Blogging While Brown convention, you can see me in all of my glory, haha. You should be are only a stone's throw from Atlanta.

Btw, both you and your baby boy are absolutely beautiful...saw the pix :-)

gogogo27 said...

HELLO,my friend nice to meet you
Nice Love this site...

Villager said...

IW - Any thoughts on your goals from a year ago?

peace, Villager