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Thursday, September 6, 2007

In Honor Of Macy Gray's B-Day

I am posting the film that started this blog and justjudith's favorite, "Shadowboxer".

I kid; Judith hated it, as did everyone else who saw it because of me...what can I say? I thought it was different, and it was the first time I liked Cuba, so there had to be something there....Macy was very good in it....don't judge me-I'm sure some people liked "Soul Plane"-go pick on them, haha.


justjudith said...

lol. i didn't HATE it but i didn't love it either. it was aight. just kinda weird in parts and more like a cable movie. although there was male frontal nudity so that's a plus. although cuba coulda turned around in the shower scenes. i say equal time. it was ok. but macy kinda plays the same character to me in each movie i've seen her in. but kudos to her for branching out.

PurpleZoe said...

This looks pretty good. I'll have to check for it.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked the film. The whole Monique and the kid from 3rd Rock was some weird shyte, but Cuba was ok and I like Helen Mirren. It was def a diff. experience. I love the new look on your site.


Simo said...

O hecks no, "Shadowboxer" was all kinds of trippy. I really love that movie. I watch it all the time on my bootlegged copy! Cuba finally did a weird movie that works instead of a wierd movie thats just stupid (i.e. Boat Trip). This film should've gotten Helen Mirren her Oscar instead of "The Queen" she was A-friggin-Mazin' in this movie.

But EVERYBODY was great in "Shadowbozer". I get chills just thinking about all the twisted scenes in that movie.

Invisible Woman said...

Thanks anon, simo and PZ...I don't feel so alone in the world on this one anymore, haha

PurpleZoe said...


jon said...

LOL! I'm not saying that *I* liked shadowboxer, but I've watched it two or three times.

Invisible Woman said...

C'mon saw it 2 or 3 times? Even I haven't done know you love it :-)