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Thursday, September 6, 2007

OK, I'm A Sap...

I know I'm on the late train...I avoided seeing "Akeelah and the Bee" forever, cause if you've been paying attention to this blog at all, you know I have a high aversion toward stand and deliver/against all odds type films. I find them very formulaic, and ultimately very, very, boring.

I also kinda avoid Angela Bassett; one more film of her being strong jawed and strong willed and I think I'm gonna scream. A friend's kids were watching it, so I started watching it too...

Oh my God. I must have cried 10 times, trying to hide it all the while cause I felt like an idiot. The relationship between Laurence Fishburne and Akeelah was soooo sweet, and I loved Laurence being quiet and gentle-it didn't seem affected at all. That little girl didn't get on my nerves even once (as some kids in movies do), and she kinda reminded me of myself at that age-I was a nerd who hung out with the cool folks-don't ask me how that happened.

And guess what? Angela came across as a real mom with real life child rearing issues, and only got strong jawed once or twice...I loved everything about this movie; how the community was proud of her and what she represented, how the mom and daughter got to really see each other as people for the first time, how Akeelah and her coach healed each other just by being able to talk about their hurts, and how in life it's not always about the win, but the journey to get there.


justjudith said...

i loved akeelah and the bee. i didn't find it trite or formulaic at all. i rented it last year and was really taken by it. keke palmer is a good little actress.

PurpleZoe said...

It's a fantastic film. I too teared... or more than teared.

Also, your blog theme is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE it.

Simo said...

"Akeelah" is one of the most inspiring films I've ever seen. I really enjoyed watching little Keke Palmer work her magic on screen, the story was very well developed, and the whole cast was on their A game acting wise. This post just makes me wonder why the film didnt get more acclaim last year.

...In regards to your comments about Angela B.: WHATEVA!! LOL!


p.s. The new look to your site is HOT, IW! I've always had a thing for Pam Grier.

GurlNexxDoor said...

I had the same thoughts as you until I watched it. Man oh man it was soooo good. I loved it!

One of those "feel good" movies.

Love the blog, I will be back!

hottnikz said...

I love against-all-odds movies! That's like my life story. So I always have a soft spot in my heart for those type of movies. It's okay to cry, I watched Color of Purple 50-11 times and cry every time Shug Avery and her father reconcile.Very moving part. I think when you can relate to the situation going on in the movie,(a good movie anyway)the tears are bound to flow.:)

hottnikz said...

Love the new look!

afro jamaicano said...

i like the new format too!

i think ima gonna rent that movie this weekend. and u hit the nail on the head, i dont hate angela (like i hate aunt viv) i jus dont like it when she gets all strong jawed haha

AJ said...

I watched this a few months ago and wish I'd seen it sooner. I absolutely loved it. It was refreshing seeing a positive black film where intelligence was valued and encouraged within the black community. My son even had me find the poem Fishburne had Aleelah to read so he could put it up in his room.

Invisible Woman said...

Thanx for the compliments, guys...I think it's safe to say even those of us with an aversion to sap loved this was, like you all said, well written, well acted, original and real.